Welcome to our world of Corporal Punishment, where naughty boys and girls are spanked HARD! This is a member's only site with a difference... bored of seeing Domestic Discipline websites that produce the same type of movies in the same sets, over and over again, we decided to create our own part of the web; produced with passion for those who appreciate variety and love good old fashioned British spanking.

Step into a world where beautiful ladies still wear old favourites - demure blouses, tight pencil skirts, fully fashioned nylon stockings and suspenders, red lipstick and stiletto heels; and watch as their pert, round bottoms wiggle across your screen, ready to either administer or take a strict, severe and merciless punishment for YOUR viewing pleasure. Sometimes thoroughly brutal, but always cruel to be kind. Whether as Aunt, Head Mistress, Lady of the Manor, Boss, Head Girl, Matron, Secretary or any other character, they all administer punishments with a no nonsense approach to correction....... unless they are being corrected themselves of course! 

Non-stop hand spanking, slippering, paddling, strapping, tawsing, hair brushing and caning - brought to you by true lovers of corporal discipline.

19 January
4:51 minutes
When I brought Uncle a mug of coffee he said it was 20 minutes late and told me I was always daydreaming. “I’m going to wake you up! Over my knee!” he demanded. Before I realised he’d taken my leather jacket off and put me over his knee. He really spanked me, then up came my dress. I was a bit cheeky. Big mistake! What a spanking I got for that! I was wriggling and kicking by now but he was nowhere near finished. “OW, OW, OW!” I complained but he beat me even harder and pulled down my panties. My poor bottom was crimson but he continued, spanking me slowly but very hard. I couldn’t take any more of this and slid onto the floor, which was nice and cold on my hot bottom. When I stood up he slapped me a few more times and then wouldn’t give me my favourite leather jacket so I burst into tears and fled to my room to cry my eyes out.
12 January
31:41 minutes
My foreign student had to re-sit a Maths test after school. His writing was atrocious. He shrugged it off and I didn’t like his insolent attitude. I told him he needed discipline. It was over my knee for a long hard spanking. I got him up to write on the board yet his writing and spelling were still terrible. Spanking hadn’t helped so I bent him over the teacher’s desk and took the plimsoll to his bare bottom. After a thorough dose I sat him down and looked through the assignment I had set for him. It was the worst piece of work ever submitted. I went through it line by line with my red pen, humiliating him. I decided to be a bit harder on him. I selected a cane and bent him over the chair. His already red bottom would be scorched when I’d finished with him. I settled on 18 strokes. That wiped the silly look off his face. I made him count but he kept forgetting to say thank you and had to re-start. After 12 I pulled up his shorts and drew a chalk line across the seat of his pants. Then tried to beat it off. The first strokes were right on target. I reminded him the last stroke was always the hardest before I delivered just that.
5 January
19:44 minutes
I had to report to the Headmaster to be punished for a whole string of misdemeanours and had to face the prospect of being expelled or punished. But I made the mistake of being flippant. That earned me a trip across his knee for a very hard spanking, his hand felt like oak as it made my bottom wobble as it turned crimson. I was still a little cheeky so he gave me a few with a hairbrush which hurt like mad then set about my tender rear with a queen crop. He keeps this for the senior girls and we dread it. My bottom was scarlet by now but he selected a carpet beater and thrashed me with that. It was awful, like ten cane strokes across my bottom at once. The last savage stroke made me jump to my feet but he was still determined to give me a severe caning. I could hardly keep count it was so painful and I got extra strokes for cheek and jumping up. I had to promise not to be flippant before he thought I’d had enough. I cried my eyes out when he’d gone but I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing me weep.
29 December
29:33 minutes
Miss Akroyd and I had a very prestigious polo match in the afternoon but both our mounts were due a visit from the blacksmith before they would be fit to ride. We found out he had not been booked by my useless stable hand Peter. Well, we decided that if we weren’t going to get some sport on the polo field we’d get some with Peter. Off came our riding boots, on went thigh-high, black, tightly laced, high-heeled fetish boots. We sent Peter to fetch a couple of lunging whips and when he brought them we made him admit his blunder and, with the option of dismissal, accept a sound whipping at the hands of Miss Akroyd and I. He had a well marked bottom when I had finished with him, then Miss Akroyd gave him the benefit of her whip. We then went to the yard and I called him in, put him in the corner and put on leg spreaders. I pulled down his underpants and laid into him, getting harder all the time. Then it was Miss Akroyd’s turn and gave him his final 12, lecturing him as she did so.
22 December
13:55 minutes
I’d promised my naughty Nephew a very, very special Christmas. When he got up to look for his presents his Aunty Chelle was there to give them to him, dressed in a very revealing Santa outfit! Poor boy really believed I was going to give him presents! All he was getting for his bad behaviour all year was a very, very well-spanked bottom. First I made him pull down his pyjama bottoms and bend over my knee so I could spank him HARD. I decided it was time for present number two, the hairbrush. Over my black seamed stocking tops again. Peter hates the hairbrush because I really lay into him and it hurts like mad. I scorched his bottom and he couldn’t stay still. On and on I spanked him until I eventually let him stand up. He just would not stand still and I had to blister him with the brush a few more times. I told him I was going to thrash him so hard he wouldn’t be able to walk then laid into him with my leather-soled slipper as hard as I could swing it, making him wince with every stroke. His bare bottom was very red now and looked very tender. I allowed him to stand but Peter’s Christmas was far from over...
15 December
14:57 minutes
My Dom adores my firm, round, fleshy bottom and loves to spank me and I love to have it spanked, so this was not a punishment. There was no storyline, this was FUN! I dressed in vintage dress, fully fashioned nylon stockings and patent high heels. We couldn’t wait. Straight over his knee and he spanked me firmly until my bottom was very quickly stinging. I was loving it. I have never wriggled so much in my life. It was a long, hard spanking and I was pleased I was taking it so well. I then lay on the bed with 4 pillows under my tummy to push my red bottom up for a birching. He started gently but they soon got harder and I squirmed and gasped. He birched me on the back of my stocking tops and my crimson buttocks. I stayed on the bed, panties down for a caning. It stung but I took them. Then I had to kneel on the bed while he tugged my panties as high as he could and he gave me a good spanking I wasn’t expecting. Finally he got a chair and put me OTK for a really hard spanking before he let me stand up. Now THAT’S what I call “play-time.”
8 December
13:33 minutes
It was time for my boys’ weekly dose of castor oil. They hate it. One of them, Peter, had been sent to have his bottom dressed after a beating from the Headgirl and the Headmistress. They hadn’t done a very good job, it was hardly red. I laid into him SAVAGELY with my cane and he was really struggling to take it. I LOVE my job.... I’d only given the boy 23 hard strokes with the smoked cane so far, only just warming up. “This is going to hurt” I told him. And it did! After a few more I took my shoes off so I could cane full strength. I changed the cane for one that was more controllable. The smoked whippy one cuts beautifully but I like my marks to be parallel and neat and that’s easier with a stiffer cane. “Good job I’m good at first aid” I remarked as I rained down the severest of strokes in quick succession. He was in trouble now and clearly having difficulty taking his thrashing. I had to tell him to keep his head down as it was jerking back in agony. I got to the end and sent him for the first aid kit. Boy, did he need it now! Now THAT’S a level of discipline of which I approve.
1 December
17:46 minutes
When Daddy called me to his room with canes, straps and paddles laid out I thought I was for it because of the non school regulation sexy heels I was wearing but it turned out the school had complained that I hadn’t done 100 silly lines yesterday. They couldn’t spank me but he could. He put me over his knee and spanked my bare bottom HARD for what seemed like forever. So hard that his hand was hurting so he took the hairbrush to me and tanned my bare bottom harder and longer than ever before. My being cheeky only made it worse. When he looked me in the face and demanded an apology he smelled cigarettes and caned the living daylights out of me. 12 severe strokes and 2 extras because I swore. The last one made my knees buckle. He wouldn’t stop and strapped me on the bed with pillows under my blistered bottom. The sound of leather on my bottom was frightening, the pain was excruciating. Next he used Mum’s carpet beater, which was like lots of canes at once and finally an oak paddle which reduced me to tears. Then, sobbing my poor red eyes out, I went to write my 100 lines.
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