Welcome to our world of Corporal Punishment, where naughty boys and girls are spanked HARD! This is a member's only site with a difference... bored of seeing Domestic Discipline websites that produce the same type of movies in the same sets, over and over again, we decided to create our own part of the web; produced with passion for those who appreciate variety and love good old fashioned British spanking.

Step into a world where beautiful ladies still wear old favourites - demure blouses, tight pencil skirts, fully fashioned nylon stockings and suspenders, red lipstick and stiletto heels; and watch as their pert, round bottoms wiggle across your screen, ready to either administer or take a strict, severe and merciless punishment for YOUR viewing pleasure. Sometimes thoroughly brutal, but always cruel to be kind. Whether as Aunt, Head Mistress, Lady of the Manor, Boss, Head Girl, Matron, Secretary or any other character, they all administer punishments with a no nonsense approach to correction....... unless they are being corrected themselves of course! 

Non-stop hand spanking, slippering, paddling, strapping, tawsing, hair brushing and caning - brought to you by true lovers of corporal discipline.

24 June
17:01 minutes

Poor Miss Rutherford has her work cut out with this feisty one! The science lesson is all about reproduction in mammals. Amanda thinks such talk is dirty and that the lesson plan states reproduction is not on the syllabus. Miss Rutherford goes to the office to check. Oh dear! It seems Amanda is correct for once! Amanda just LOVES a spot of blackmail and says that if she can spank Miss Rutherford then she won't tell the Head. Miss Rutherford reluctantly agrees and bends over Amanda’s desk while Amanda hand spanks her, relishing the power play. Amanda then lifts up Miss Rutherford’s skirt to reveal her rather provocative sheer panties and stockings. Amanda removes her plimsoll and uses it to beat Miss Rutherford hard. Her bottom is growing redder by the stroke! Afterwards, Amanda leads Miss Rutherford into the Head’s office to give her the cane. The strokes are scary! Amanda doesn’t seem to give a damn about where she’s swinging that cane. It’s pretty obvious she’s not done this type of thing before as she whacks the rod against the backs of Miss Rutherford’s thighs!

17 June
5:30 minutes

I knew my boss was angry with me and I was going to get another spanking so I pretended I felt faint but he just pulled me over his knee and pulled up my vintage dress. He set about spanking my plump, round bottom all over, high, low and round the tender sides, fast and firm. He was telling me off for making excuses as he beat my tender young bottom, saying I was cheeky and unrepentant and he would see to it that my bottom was properly spanked this time. Then he pulled down my knickers and spanked me faster and harder than ever. It was hurting like mad and I stamped and kicked but he wouldn’t stop, saying I needed a good session with my knickers down and my bottom spanked. He said it was for my own benefit then let me look at my throbbing bottom in the mirror. Finally he let me go. I went straight to the rest room and put a cold wet towel on my livid red behind.

10 June
10:18 minutes

I should have been looking for a job to pay the rent but I’d just got Part 2 of that book and was lazing on my bed when my Landlord let himself in to challenge me about the rent being overdue for 5 weeks. When I said I was a bit short he noticed my new expensive summer dress, paid for out of my rent money while he was paying bank charges. Then he noticed my book. “If you like spanking and caning I think a good spanking will sort you out” he told me “and when I spank you it won’t be funny”. He sat in the armchair and pulled me over his knee and spanked me hard, then lifted my dress to find a “quite pink” bottom which turned redder with a hard fast spanking. He wasn’t satisfied yet and made me kneel on the armchair for more. With my dress up my Landlord announced that I would get a spank for every pound of rent money I owed. That would be 200 spanks! I squealed and squirmed but he slapped and spanked. The last 10 were REALLY hard. Then he let himself out. Now I have to decide how to pay my rent. Or I could just buy dresses and take my spankings. I wonder!

3 June
11:20 minutes

Amanda’s Grandad lives at home. He may be old but he certainly aint daft! Amanda thinks she is being inconspicuous, sneaking past him. She is all dressed up in a tiny little strapless dress, clutching her purse. He demands to know where she is going at this ungodly hour. She tries to pull the wool over is eyes. He has seen these tricks before and promptly drags her closer to him and forces her to bend forward whilst in a standing position and spanks her bottom with a leather paddle. This girls needs a good hiding! He knows that she is lying about where she was going, all dressed up to the nines. The story finally comes out and Amanda confesses that the boyfriend whom her Mum and Dad didn’t like is still on the scene. She was on her way to see him when Grandad caught her sneaking past. Tut tut. He is understandably unhappy that she lied. Tthe caning carries on… and on… and on, until Amanda is kicking her legs up, crying and begging him to stop. Does he stop? No chance! He gives her six more strokes with two extra for making such a fuss.

27 May
24:08 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford is staying with her cousin Amanda for the holidays. They are up to their usual tricks, sneaking around in Amanda’s parent’s bedroom. I don’t think they were expecting to find canes, carpet beater, paddle, straps, a book full of spanking images. Least of all did they expect to find a camcorder with home footage of Amanda’s parents engaging in spanking role play! Amelia wants a piece of the action for herself and persuades Amanda to indulge her. Amanda has Amelia over her knee and is spanking her with enthusiasm while Amelia giggles wildly. “I love it". she squeals. She then tries out various positions from the book they found. Amanda indulges her and is starting to see what all the fuss is about. She’s starting to love it too! It's the turn of the carpet beater then a strap which Amanda thwacks down on Amelia’s burning flesh, followed by the cane . Amanda gives “Like, a MILLION!” (Amelia’s words!) strokes and one severe last one for blaspheming during the punishment. Then they hear Amanda’s parents key in the door....

20 May
10:43 minutes

Auntie’s Nephew is late again and she has been waiting up for him. He was supposed to be in bed over an hour ago. As usual he argues with feeble excuses which really pushes her buttons. She has a bad headache from the builders next door banging away all day. Auntie pulls her naughty Nephew across her knee and spanks hard on the bare bottom with her steel–like hand. Still, he gives her cheek. She tells him that they are heading upstairs for the cane. “You deserve everything I give you!”, she warns him. She drags him into the bedroom by his ear as he squeals. She makes him lay down on the bed with his bare bottom pointing skyward and tawses his behind. She thrashes the living daylights out of him and causes his skin to redden and swell up before her eyes. This is one STRICT Auntie! Oh dear….. it looks like she hasn’t forgotten about the cane after all and begins to cane his bottom as hard as she can. The thwack of the cane rings through the air as it lands with a crack on his bottom cheeks. His buttocks are a real mess by the time she has finished.

13 May
10:18 minutes

Headmistresses Miss Akroyd marches into Mr Jones' classroom to speak to him about her dissatisfaction with the way he controls his pupils or rather doesn't! She's exasperated by his attitude as he says he only administers the cane as a last resort. This doesn't sit well with Miss Akroyd as she's a strict disciplinarian. She tells him his classroom is a disgrace and discredits her school and orders him to "Bend over the desk!" and proceeds to spank his bottom hard. He doesn't even whimper. The spanking isn't working and slides the strap menacingly from the shoulder of her gown and begins to strap him. She is still not getting through. There's only one thing for it; administer her precious dragon cane to his already glowing behind. She swings the cane starting with softer strokes then gradually beats him harder. He winces but isn't squealing. She swings her cane down harder on his flesh until it is red and bruised. He starts waffling so she gives him three extra for being cheeky and rude. He eventually says he will try harder and delivers a number of fast, hard extra strokes for good measure.

6 May
38:44 minutes

Stupid Pinny Boy is at it again! He swore he’d complete his homework in time. Miss Akroyd had told him that if he didn’t he would be instructed to bring her some brand new cosmetics. Did he do as he was told? No! Despite the boy’s begging and snivelling, out came the Punishment Apron. She loves to humiliate him and he managed at least to wear the ladies panties he had been ordered to. Pinny Boy gets a long hard slippering, slapped around the face mercilessly and whipped with the rider’s crop. Still arguing, a spot of housework should do the trick. Seeing how shoddy his work is she decides to pull out the special striped ‘candy cane’. With his panty clad bottom in the air she thrashes him. Twenty five strokes on she moves Pinny Boy to her schoolroom. Miss Akroyd administers her stiff black leather split two tailed tawse to his already very red behind. She dosen’t let up until he repents. He should demonstrate this by crawling around the floor, make the appropriate noises, whilst she swings the crop at his bottom. One vicious hand strapping later she stands poor Pinny Boy in the corner....

29 April
6:26 minutes

Daddy has been sitting waiting, worried for his daughter Amanda to return from her music lesson with Miss Reed. He smells a rat and when she finally gets back he demands that she play him what she has learned. She tries to wangle her way out of it, but he won't take no for an answer. She tentatively puts the recorder to her lips and plays the worst tune ever. Apparently, it is supposed to be Three Blind Mice, but sounds more like Three Strangled Cats! Daddy has had enough of this charade. What on earth has Amanda being spending his hard earned cash on? He pulls her roughly over his knee and spanks her bottom hard and fast, no holds barred. When he has finshed with that , he makes Amanda straddle him backwards on the daybed, like a wheelbarrow. She has never experienced this before and wonders what the heck is going to happen. Daddy begins to spank Amanda’s buttocks alternately, like a pair of bongos! The punishment isn’t over yet though! It’s now time for Amanda to feel the full force of Daddy’s brutal cane…

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