Welcome to our world of Corporal Punishment, where naughty boys and girls are spanked HARD! This is a member's only site with a difference... bored of seeing Domestic Discipline websites that produce the same type of movies in the same sets, over and over again, we decided to create our own part of the web; produced with passion for those who appreciate variety and love good old fashioned British spanking.

Step into a world where beautiful ladies still wear old favourites - demure blouses, tight pencil skirts, fully fashioned nylon stockings and suspenders, red lipstick and stiletto heels; and watch as their pert, round bottoms wiggle across your screen, ready to either administer or take a strict, severe and merciless punishment for YOUR viewing pleasure. Sometimes thoroughly brutal, but always cruel to be kind. Whether as Aunt, Head Mistress, Lady of the Manor, Boss, Head Girl, Matron, Secretary or any other character, they all administer punishments with a no nonsense approach to correction....... unless they are being corrected themselves of course! 

Non-stop hand spanking, slippering, paddling, strapping, tawsing, hair brushing and caning - brought to you by true lovers of corporal discipline.

18 November
11:35 minutes

Amanda is sweeping her apartment when a knock finds Mr Johnson from the clothing catalogue at the door. She has fallen on hard times but her shopping habit has got out of hand and cannot afford to pay money he is asking for but he maintains that she must be reprimanded. He proposes a good spanking instead of paying. She reluctantly agrees. He immediately takes Amanda over his knee, pulls up her dress and spanks her hard. He then takes her into the bedroom and tells her to lift up her dress and bend over. He begins slippering her as she yells out. He is clearly enjoying her submitting to him. He finishes, but she begins being rude to him again, so he throws her back on the bed, yanks down her underwear again and this time hits her hard with his bare hand. It’s going to take more than that to keep Amanda properly quiet. He goes to find a hard wooden hairbrush. Amanda is told to count as the brush lands over and over again. Amanda takes it well, but is gritting her teeth and feeling angry. Mr. Johnson soon sorts out this little problem by spanking her again, leaving her shocked.

11 November
29:06 minutes

A journalist is sent to interview a Domme called Amanda at her dungeon for a documentary. He is arrogant and a chauvinist, but seems strangely nervous in front of Miss Akroyd. Along with his camera-woman Amanda begins to explain how she conducts her unusual job. Dressed in shiny black PVC brandishing a dragon cane he is intrigued and forgets to take notes! Miss Akroyd senses he is taking liberties and decides he would get a far better idea of her job if he were to participate! She starts his education by asking him to remove his trousers for a hand spanking which progresses into a slippering! She shows him various implements then starts to thwack him on his bare bottom with the plimsoll. The camera woman says he is a chauvinist in the office and asks Amanda to get him back for this behaviour. Amanda is happy to oblige and takes the wooden handled leather strap and gives him a good strapping whacking his bare, red bottom harder than before. Paul is finally quiet with fear. Lastly comes the cane. The camera woman wants to hear him squeal so Amanda makes sure he does!

4 November
10:55 minutes

Miss Brook is plumping her sofa when neighbour Mr Jones walks in without knocking. His son has been causing trouble again. He has come round to apologise, but Miss Brook can clearly see that he gets his unruliness from his father. She asks him if he knows what discipline is and threatens to call the Police... or she could show him what she means by discipline. He doesn’t have much choice with such a dominant woman. She proceeds to spank him hard, just as he should’ve spanked his son. Mr Jones grits his teeth. “I’ve got the message” he says. “Oh no! I’m not finished yet”, she replies... She explains that she used to spank her boy with the fly swat. She picks up the swat and starts flicking it over his bottom, hard and fast, checking with him all the while that he is feeling it as he grits his teeth in pain. Who would’ve thought that such a small, light tool could hurt so much? Mr Jones can hardly bear it, so he’s relieved when Miss Brook breaks it over his bottom! She goes to the kitchen to fetch a wooden spatula. This is sure not to break, but it may just break her poor neighbour...

28 October
9:24 minutes

Amanda is in love with a boy and decides to enlist the help of the occult to find out if he feels the samey. She sneaks into a derelict building and sets up her Ouija board, lights her candles for ambience and moves the planchet across the board as instructed. Mr. Wakefield, who owns the property, has popped to survey the building ready for selling it. He walks in to discover Amanda dabbling with witchcraft and is shocked and appalled at what young people are getting up to these days! He threatens to tell her parents, and the Police… or he can administer a suitable punishment himself. He orders her to strip to her French knickers and face the barred window. He takes a flogger, which Amanda had brought from home. (She had found it in her parent’s bedroom and thought it was for swatting flies which may come in handy in a smelly old rotting building!); and begins to flog her naked back and bottom over and over again until it is raw and crimson until she can take no more. Poor Amanda never thought she would be the starring guest in a real witch hunt!

21 October
5:18 minutes

In rolls Amanda yet again to answer to the Head Teacher. This time she has upset every one of her teachers in one day. She has already been spanked today and her bottom is visibly sore and bruised. There are red marks all over her backside and as the Headmaster forcibly bends her over the table and spanks her once more, she squeals and jumps about, protesting loudly. She is one angry little madam, but that doesn’t deter the Head as he smacks her with the leather strap. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, he pulls out the martinet, which he has fashioned himself from three thin canes and some tape. (And a strip of pink tape to match her pink bottom!) This HURTS! Even the lightest little taps hurt, which just goes to show how brutal the Headmaster can be when he is angry.

14 October
5:05 minutes

Miss Akroyd and Miss Brook are standing either side of poor Paul as he bends over the foot of the bed with his bottom exposed. Miss Brook has the Queen crop in her hand, and Miss Akroyd is holding the black leather paddle. They whack him relentlessly, taking turns and laughing as they go. This is by far one of the most brutal beatings we have ever filmed of Paul. He takes it well, wincing as the hard and fast strokes rain down on his bright pink, glowing buttocks. These ladies show absolutely no mercy and are clearly beating Paul as hard as they physically can. Miss Brook finally tells Paul to pull up his trousers, but not because she is going to let him go... no, they’re going to cane him! “Just three each. No, maybe six each!”, Miss Monroe shouts from behind the camera. They happily comply.

7 October
16:46 minutes

Mr Jones has an appointment with his son’s maths teacher as she spanked him whilst at school and the boy came home in distress. He argues with Miss Akroyd that spanking in school is no longer allowed, but then neither is misbehaving in class, she tells him. A heated, very passive aggressive argument about spanking ensues and neither of them are getting any closer to a conclusion. So Mr Jones challenges Miss Akroyd to a spanking akin to the one she gave his son. Never one to back down from a challenge, Miss Akroyd agrees. The punishment begins with a bare bottom otk hand spanking. Miss Akroyd can take a spanking but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t sting! She becomes increasingly annoyed. She is not used to being out of control and Mr Jones is clearly enjoying his power trip. In his day teachers would slipper naughty pupils with a plimsoll. He teases her with this threat for a while, then eventually he lets loose with a one! The objective of this exercise for him is to force an admission from Miss Akroyd that spanking in schools is, indeed, wrong. He has a long way to go before getting anything of the sort from such an opinionated woman.

30 September
10:00 minutes

Mr Jones is in his office on the telephone whilst his cleaner, Miss Brook, is hard at work. He puts down the phone just as Miss Brook walks into his office looking not very happy. She complains to him that she feels taken for granted. She has been beating his carpet for over an hour and it’s still not clean. She wants a pay rise if such hard labour is to continue, but she needs some leverage first. The spanking implements in his drawer should be sufficient! She threatens to tell his Wife... or she can give him a good spanking herself. Reluctantly, he goes for the spanking. He bends over Miss Brook’s knee and she spanks him really hard. She has an impressively hard hand! He doesn’t seem to be getting the seriousness of her threats, so she tells him to bend over his own desk and she beats him severely with the carpet beater. “Much more fun than beating a rug!” She tells him. She asks him about the pay rise whilst taking his strap out of the drawer to convince him further that it’s the right thing to do. Thwack! She beats him within an inch of his life until he finally relents.

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