Welcome to our world of Corporal Punishment, where naughty boys and girls are spanked HARD! This is a member's only site with a difference... bored of seeing Domestic Discipline websites that produce the same type of movies in the same sets, over and over again, we decided to create our own part of the web; produced with passion for those who appreciate variety and love good old fashioned British spanking.

Step into a world where beautiful ladies still wear old favourites - demure blouses, tight pencil skirts, fully fashioned nylon stockings and suspenders, red lipstick and stiletto heels; and watch as their pert, round bottoms wiggle across your screen, ready to either administer or take a strict, severe and merciless punishment for YOUR viewing pleasure. Sometimes thoroughly brutal, but always cruel to be kind. Whether as Aunt, Head Mistress, Lady of the Manor, Boss, Head Girl, Matron, Secretary or any other character, they all administer punishments with a no nonsense approach to correction....... unless they are being corrected themselves of course! 

Non-stop hand spanking, slippering, paddling, strapping, tawsing, hair brushing and caning - brought to you by true lovers of corporal discipline.

13 January
15:53 minutes

Nurse Lee checks Mr Johnson’s heart and hears it going ridiculously fast. She calls Doctor Akroyd, who smells a rat. It appears Nurse Lee has given him the wrong medication! He’s a dithery cantankerous old man, so this was never going to be a good outcome for these ladies! He insists the Doctor punish Nurse Lee by giving her a good spanking promising not to take this unfortunate incident any further. Nurse Lee reluctantly bends over and Dr Akroyd pulls up her lab coat, down comes her skirt and little black panties and she slaps her bottom hard. Then she takes a hairbrush to her, trying to appease the mischievous old man. Mr Johnson has had enough of this ridiculous carry on and climbs out of bed, sits and drags Doctor Akroyd over his knee. Down come her pants and he gives her a really good, hard spanking. He no longer appears to be ill and makes both women bend over on all fours, pulls Akroyd’s shoe off and slippers both girls good and hard with it, making them count. The staff members become more subordinate with each stroke and finally show some signs of remorse.

6 January
3:38 minutes

Bonnie rolls in, hours late, and completely drunk only to find her Uncle waiting for her in the lounge. She’s all dressed up and wobbling all over the place and clearly disrespectful of her Uncle’s authority. Uncle Peter pulls Bonnie over his lap, pulls down her lacy black knickers and gives her a hard over the knee hand spanking. Her stockinged legs are kicking in protest, but Uncle Peter doesn’t relent. Bonnie knows better than to argue with her strict Uncle, so she stays silent in the hope that the punishment will soon end. This is a short video especially for those of you who just love to see an exclusive, plain and simple OTK spanking. Enjoy!

30 December
13:09 minutes

A contract has been lost and Mr Lee is furious. Amanda is apologetic. This has happened before and he had told her the next time she would be punished. Reluctantly, Amanda shuffles round to Mr Lee and bends over his knee. He spanks her for a short while then tells her to pull her pencil skirt up to expose her nylons and panties. He pulls down her underwear and spanks her again. Amanda is stinging from the slaps! She tries to butter him up saying what a good boss he is. Mr Lee isn’t stupid and just tells her to stand up and bend over the chair. He takes out a menacing looking black leather paddle from his desk drawer and spanks her as she counts. Miss Akroyd gasps, jumps with each strike and cries out after twenty four strokes. She rubs her bottom for relief. It’s not over yet! Amanda begs Mr Lee to be gentle, but he doesn’t listen and straps her with the wooden handled brown leather strap. A hard hand spanking OTK rounds things off along with a promise from Miss Akroyd that she will not let the company down again. If she does, she knows all too well what will happen.

23 December
13:55 minutes

I’d promised my naughty Nephew a very, very special Christmas. When he got up to look for his presents his Aunty Chelle was there to give them to him, dressed in a very revealing Santa outfit! Poor boy really believed I was going to give him presents! All he was getting for his bad behaviour all year was a very well-spanked bottom. First I made him pull down his bottoms and bend over my knee so I could spank him HARD. I decided it was time for present number two, the hairbrush. Over my black seamed stocking tops again. Peter hates the hairbrush because it hurts like mad. I scorched his bottom and he couldn’t stay still. On and on I spanked him until I eventually let him stand up. He just would not stand still and I had to blister him with the brush a few more times. I told him I was going to thrash him so hard he wouldn’t be able to walk then laid into him with my leather-soled slipper as hard as I could swing it, making him wince with every stroke. His bare bottom was very red now and looked very tender. I allowed him to stand but Peter’s Christmas was far from over...

16 December
17:30 minutes

Alice complains to the Boss that Amanda failed to send the paperwork off in time, meaning no one got paid. Mr Johnson summons Amanda to the office. Amanda apologises profusely, but Alice says it just isn’t good enough. Amanda is terrified of losing her job, but he offers her an appealing alternative “What if Alice spanks you?” Alice looks as shocked as Amanda. She has never spanked anyone before but takes up the offer to get her revenge. Mr Johnson instructs her how to spank Amanda properly. Alice takes to it like a duck to water and enjoys this position of power! Amanda doesn’t and squeals throughout! For every complaint Alice spanks harder and smiles. Alice finally lets Amanda stand up, but only because he wants to show Alice how to use a riding crop. He instructs Alice to give Amanda twelve strokes of the crop and she duly complies. Alice is quite the confident spanker and this won't be the last time she does this! Next comes a slippering! He demonstrates exactly how it should be done before passing the plimsoll to Alice for her turn...

9 December
11:07 minutes

Amanda and Howard are sitting together in the living room, snuggled up together, and she finds the courage to talk to him about the lack of ‘oomph’ in their marriage. She tells him how he used to bring her lilies, tell her that she had a nice bottom, and spank her on occasion, just how she liked. Howard has no idea that Amanda was feeling that way and promises to be the dutiful Husband again. He begins by pulling her over his knee, lifting up her dress, pulling down her panties and hand spanking her bare bottom over his knee. Amanda giggles and squeals – she’s clearly enjoying this impromptu spanking session! Howard is really getting enthusiastic and decides to pick up his old round ended leather Queen crop. He instructs Amanda to bend over the sofa and the spanks her bare bottom until it is a rosy shade of red.

2 December
17:10 minutes

Mr Johnson summons Alice into the classroom for mis-behaving. He notices she is wearing incorrect uniform, as always, and tells her to stand against the wall with her hands on her head whilst he gives her a good dressing down. Mr Johnson pulls up a chair and tells Miss Lee to bend over his knee. He spanks her bottom hard then tells her to get up and face the wall whilst he goes to fetch his black leather paddle. Miss Lee is yelping as Mr Johnson slaps her bottom hard with his hand. He instructs her to write on the blackboard: ‘I must learn to act like a lady’ over and over again. First comes the plimsoll. He slippers her as she counts. He then takes the cane in his hand. He swooshes the cane through the air and Alice jumps with apprehension. After a couple of strokes Alice loses her focus. She says the pain is stopping her remembering to count. He only gives her eight strokes because he’s in a kind mood, but warns Alice that if she doesn’t learn to behave, she will receive many more in future. Another good hand spanking finishes off this clip perfectly.

25 November
6:42 minutes

Paul is asleep in his chair at home. Miss Brook and he are married and they share their equestrian business as well as the stable duties. Miss Brook is furious because Paul had forgotten to book the Farrier and she had been waiting up at the stables for the horses to be shod. Paul doesn’t seem too concerned at all. He thinks that his wife treats him like one of their ‘normal’ employees and tells her as much. Miss Brook isn’t having any of his backchat and briskly throws Paul over her knee, giving him a good, hard spanking. His protestations do no good – she is absolutely fuming! The crop may do some good, she suspects. Standing in her tight jodphurs, she brandishes the crop like an expert rider... and an expert Domme! Miss Brook flicks the crop hard across Paul’s bottom until he gets the message. I don’t think he’ll be forgetting to phone anyone from now on!

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