Welcome to our world of Corporal Punishment, where naughty boys and girls are spanked HARD! This is a member's only site with a difference... bored of seeing Domestic Discipline websites that produce the same type of movies in the same sets, over and over again, we decided to create our own part of the web; produced with passion for those who appreciate variety and love good old fashioned British spanking.

Step into a world where beautiful ladies still wear old favourites - demure blouses, tight pencil skirts, fully fashioned nylon stockings and suspenders, red lipstick and stiletto heels; and watch as their pert, round bottoms wiggle across your screen, ready to either administer or take a strict, severe and merciless punishment for YOUR viewing pleasure. Sometimes thoroughly brutal, but always cruel to be kind. Whether as Aunt, Head Mistress, Lady of the Manor, Boss, Head Girl, Matron, Secretary or any other character, they all administer punishments with a no nonsense approach to correction....... unless they are being corrected themselves of course! 

Non-stop hand spanking, slippering, paddling, strapping, tawsing, hair brushing and caning - brought to you by true lovers of corporal discipline.

22 April
16:49 minutes

Amanda is dressed up in a lovely vintage frock ready to go to a party. She walks into her bedroom and finds her father’s friend David sitting on her bed! Shocked, she angrily chastises him. She asks if he has looked through her private photos and lingerie. He explains he was searching for his lighter but Amanda isn’t a fool. She begins aggressively interrogating him, whilst also teasing him by pulling down her dress. “Is this what you want to see?” She asks. David’s eyes pop out of his head at her womanly curves enveloped in a vintage body shaper and nylons! It’s time for a thorough otk hand spanking. She orders him to get up and accuses him of trying to touch her. The poor bloke was only steadying himself as he was standing up but will have none of it. David bends over the bed and Amanda paddles his bottom with force and precision. She picks up the cane and beats him many times until he cries out in pain. His cries don’t deter her and she carries on taunting him sarcastically all the while. When David’s punishment is finally over, Amanda gives a wry smile...

15 April
19:01 minutes

Imogen is in detention when Mr Jones walks in to check on her. Not only is he dissatisfied with her recent work he has also received a complaint from a female teacher who caught her messing about with a boy. She explains she was playing rounders with the boys when one said something to her about being at ‘second base’. She had to kiss him – so she did. Mr Jones tells her that she needs to respect her own body and has just the means to teach her. He makes her bend over the desk and hand spanks her. She squeals.. Mr Jones pulls her pants down and notices some redness and bruising and suspects somebody else had been there before probably from being fondled, squeezed and smacked. Imogen vehemently denies any wrongdoing but he knows she is lying and spanks her harder and faster. He then thrashes her with a plimsoll then canes her while she touches her toes. Mr Jones doesn’t have the room to swing a cane, so tells Imogen he is “Really going to finish her off”. In the gym/shower area! He drags her roughly by the ear to her stingy fate.

8 April
8:46 minutes

WPC Akroyd is on her usual beat when after finding a stolen satellite navigation system hidden behind a trash can she notices a suspicious looking man loitering in the street, talking on his mobile phone. She stops him and interrogates him about the stolen equipment she has just found; and about the mobile phone he is using. Is that also stolen? WPC Akroyd has just the deterrent for criminals....at least her way won't mean a trip to jail !

1 April
10:06 minutes

The Headmaster was NOT a happy bunny! Carter and Akroyd had been summoned to his office. Usually Miss Akroyd is naughty on her own but it looks like she has recruited a sidekick in Miss Carter, a known trouble causer in the year above. Miss Akroyd's mouth got her into trouble again, whilst both young ladies were trying to blame each other for the usual crimes, such as smoking. Miss Akroyd was first in line for an over the knee hand spanking. Lucky for her she had her girdle on for a bit of padding! Then came Miss Carter’s pasting. Poor Carter wasn't prepared for such a beating. Over the desk she bent and the Head proceeded to thrash the living daylights out of her with the big, brown, leather strap. Ouch! That soon shut her cheeky little mouth! Not for very long though. Being goaded by Akroyd, standing in the corner was too much for her and she let a few potty mouthed statements slip resulting in a good, hard caning. Carter's naughty little bottom was red raw with the welts left behind....

25 March
12:09 minutes

Miss Akroyd was summoned to the Chairman’s office because her probationary 6 months working for the company was coming to an end. The Chairman says he is pleased with her progress, but he gets straight to the point in telling her that he wishes to spank her bottom! If she agrees to this then he will keep her on in her employment. What’s a girl to do? He gives her until Friday to think, but decides on the spot that she will definitely do it. She’s grateful for the opportunity. The Chairman pulls a chair out and invites her over his knee. He whips down her purple panties and gives her a long, slow OTK hand spanking until her bottom is red raw. The spanking is relentless and Amanda has never experienced anything like this before. He slaps her bottom so hard that on occasion her stiletto heeled feet leave the floor in shock and pain. “I’m never going to be able to sit down for Sunday lunch tomorrow!” She exclaims. After a patch of very short and very quick smacks, she implores the Chairman, “Please! Please!” but he carries on regardless.

18 March
18:46 minutes

With a wedding to attend, Imogen has spent so long getting ready that Paul has had to make the dinner but has burnt it. He storms into the bedroom and finds her still getting ready. He gives her a mouthful and they have a heated argument. He has had enough and threatens her with the wooden spoon. Luckily for Imogen he pulls her over his knee and spanks her with his hand instead until Imogen’s face is in discomfort. She tries to bargain but he thinks it’s time the naughty madam learned her lesson. He instructs Imogen to bend over the chest of drawers, bare her bottom and starts hairbrushing her already bruised bottom; whilst Imogen begins counting... into the twenties! “It’s time for something else” he tells her. He teases a wooden spoon up and down her bottom then administers twelve srokes. When she thinks it’s all over he gives her another twelve. Thinking it must really be over now, he begins again making her take yet more! Her bottom is now very red but he gives her a further twelve; then twelve fast ones; plus one for luck. How cruel !

11 March
20:54 minutes

Poor old Sergeant Jones. Miss Akroyd has caught him abusing the Privates and Lance Corporals in his care. This isn’t the first time she has caught him mistreating his rank and something must be done! The threats of relieving him of his duties after many years terrify the man and he begs for an alternative punishment. Three guesses what that punishment may be? But he can’t keep his smart mouth shut, despite Miss Akroyd’s warnings and spankings. It looks like the small brown strap on the bare bottom is in order. Miss Akroyd still isn’t satisfied, however, and thinks that to really drive the message home Sergeant Jones should be punished in the same way that he disciplined his Privates – over the vaulting horse in the gym! Miss Akroyd finds him waiting for her in the gym, sitting on his backside as usual. It’s about time he learned to respect women; and the men who have been in his care up until now. Miss Akroyd gives him a verbal dressing down with her sharp tongue; then bends Jones over the horse for a thorough slippering with a white plimsoll.

4 March
4:45 minutes

Miss Akroyd is such a wayward young madam who really needs to learn to behave herself. Especially in the presence of her Dad. She comes rolling in, obviously inebriated, swaying from side to side and slurring her words. It's also way past her curfew. He won't tolerate her defying his orders, especially being drunk or late; and promptly sets about disciplining her in the only manner which she seems to understand... a damn good spanking! Up comes her dress and a good hiding is delivered. Not satisfied he tells her to pull down her pants and roll down her girdle so he can get a good strike on her bare cheeks where a long series of brutal spanks are once again delivered …. Yet again! When will that girl ever learn?

25 February
14:43 minutes

I was on a work placement from college and my boss wanted to have a serious talk with me. I wasn’t contributing, he said. He’d found I’d been looking at shopping websites on his time and money. He was going to let me go so I pleaded to stay but he said he’d have to teach me a lesson. I had no choice. He pulled me over his lap and spanked me hard on my lycra leggings and I was ready to leave the job but the spanking got harder and faster. Down came my leggings and he just spanked and spanked me. It was REALLY hurting and I was struggling not to cry. But he wasn’t done yet! He made me kneel on the sofa to spank me a whole lot more until my bottom was very red then took a wooden spatula from a drawer which stung like mad and then a wooden spoon which was even worse. I was wincing and wriggling. He changed to a slipper and really laid into me. I was kicking my legs and rubbing my tortured bottom. Then he let me up, but only to bend me over and tan me with that awful wooden spoon again! He stopped [MORE INSIDE]

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