Whilst some sites play at corporal punishment we all have a real and genuine passion for it. There's nothing better than going to bed with a hot glow to warm up those cold nights or the buzz that comes from pleasure out of pain...

23 March
10:39 minutes
I called my office junior in to see me. The report she had done was riddled with mistakes. I don’t like her, she’s after my job. She may be able to manipulate the boss but not me. A lesson was needed here. I bent her over my desk, pulled up her short black skirt and spanked her bottom. Then I pulled down her panties and spanked her some more. Martin came in to see what was going on and gave me such a dressing down, then bent ME over my desk and spanked me, harder than Danni had got. Up came my skirt and he reddened my bottom good and proper. My panties soon came down. The spanks were now slow and deliberate. I whimpered before he called in Danielle. I said it was all her fault and he made me bend over again so Danielle could spank me. He was sick of all our chattering and bitching all day. He bent us BOTH over the desk, side by side and he spanked one cheek at a time. It HURT! We promised to stop the nonsense we got six more each for good measure and spanked Danni first. I got lots more than her, then he sat on the desk and pulled me over his knee and spanked me fast and furiously as if he was beating a cake mix. I’ll get even with the little cow!
16 March
20:30 minutes
The Headmaster told me the girls had voted for me to be the new Headgirl. He wasn’t convinced I could maintain discipline given my past record but I tried to assure him. He said he’d give me a trial but we would have to wipe the slate clean of all my misdemeanours first. In other words, over his knee for a jolly good spanking. If I took it well I’d be Headgirl. Straight over his knee and he spanked me hard, spank after spank. Then up came my skirt and he was rather surprised by my girdle and stockings. After giving me another good spanking he announced that my girdle was giving me too much protection so he unclipped my suspenders and he really tanned me. I kicked and wriggled and squealed. I thought he had finished but the horrid man bent me over his desk, skirt up and gave me a long, VERY hard slippering. So hard he had to hold me, the sadist. He demanded that I take my knickers down for the cane that made me gasp with each stroke. The strokes were getting faster and harder and I made quite a racket with my squeals of agony. I'd forgotten how many strokes I’d had. “Well, you had better start” he said and laid into me again. That REALLY hurt. He let me up to rub my well striped bottom before dismissing me.
9 March
16:53 minutes
As Victorian Lady of the Manor, I summoned my boy to check he’d done his chores but most had been neglected while he flirted with the maids. I told him that boys who don’t do their chores need disciplining. I put him over my knee for a hard hand spanking on his bare bottom. Then I told him my jewellery had been tampered with. I told him the penalty for being in my bedroom was the vintage hardwood butter pat – the one he hadn’t bothered to use. Down came his underwear and he got the grooved side of the pat on his bare bottom. It turns his bottom crimson. I gave extras for jumping about. As a God-fearing Lady I like him to read the word of the Lord. I find it comforting. Punishment was taken seriously in those days, just as I like it. He annoyed me with his over-dramatic delivery and I bent him over the sofa. 12 strokes of my cane. After 3 or 4 he lost count so I started again. This time with my knobbly whangee cane. It broke after 4. Now he was in real trouble. I started again with an evil, thin, whippy, smoked dragon cane. He was in agony when I’d finished and sent him to do his duties. God help him!
2 March
17:30 minutes
Jayne has a reputation as one of the naughtiest girls in class. She was told her to report to detention and stand in front of the board with her hands on her head. She couldn't even do that without causing mischief. Seeing what Jayne had written on the blackboard the Head bent her swiftly over the desk and gave her a good spanking. Although it quite clearly hurt it didn't succeed in curbing her cheeky tongue. There was nothing else to do other than paddle her, slowly and deliberately. When this too failed to deter her insolence, Sir pulled up her skirt and found she was wearing a red thong. He was appalled. He resumed paddling her and instructed her to go and get changed into regulation underwear. On her return she was still being cheeky. The Head spanked her again but she was still stifling laughter! The frustrated Head simply had no choice but to take her into the gym and give her a real hiding. When she saw the Queen crop she knew she was for it. She was still chuckling though. His punishments are skilled and this would be SEVERE! Maybe the cane would work better....
23 February
10:17 minutes
My nephew was staying with me and I was not happy with his attitude. He came home from school and hadn’t done his chores. He’d ruined my favourite vintage dress with his clumsy ironing for which he’d pay with his pocket money. I took the trouser belt that I had bought him, bent him over the sofa and whipped his bottom hard. Then I smelt cigarette smoke on him but he tried to lie his way out of that. I told him that I ought to show him what used to happen to me when I told lies. I told my insolent nephew to take down his shorts and took a hand-made Kenyan leather slipper to his bottom. It has rubber grips on the sole which leave a good impression! Over my knee he went and I leathered him but I couldn’t make him squeal. I tried to shame him in that his Auntie has to discipline him every day and his classmates see the marks on his bottom when he gets changed for PE. He pathetically told me he could only do his best so I put him back over my knee and tanned him with the wooden spatula. “You are a very, very bad boy with a very, very sore bottom” I told him, “now get up and go and finish the ironing”.
16 February
19:43 minutes
I told the Head that there wasn't enough discipline at the school. He retorted that he’d never had a Mother come into his office and be so rude and said he’d show me that the school was not too soft. With that he dragged me over his knee and spanked my bottom over my tight dress. Ouch! He pulled up my dress and reddened my panty-covered bottom. He picked up a book and really slapped my bottom with it. A cheeky remark and he hit me harder. He thought he should try something else. A short leather tawse! Now this was hurting and I got a good dose but he reverted to an OTK spanking on my tender girly bottom. When I still wouldn’t apologise he decided I should get 6 of the best with the cane! I foolishly pulled away after the 6 and promptly earned 3 with the slipper on each cheek before reverting to the cane. The penultimate stroke made me cry out but the last made me grab my burning, slashed bottom. He allowed me to sit on a cushion and promise not to behave like this again or he’d call me in to his study for more of the same. I stood up and had to thank him for my punishment just to add to my humiliation.
9 February
11:14 minutes
Danielle, my housemate, was still in bed at midday and the whole house was a disgusting mess after her party last night. I was furious! I dragged her out of bed sat her down and told her I’d had enough and she’d have to go. She begged me to let her stay and said she would spend all day tidying up. Then I got an idea - a good spanking! She didn’t really have a choice so I put her over my knee. I started spanking her round bottom cheeks hard and she tried to change her mind but I beat her as hard as I could. How I spanked that reddening bottom on and on. I let her up. This was a lesson that I didn’t think a spanking would teach so I made her bend over the sofa and slippered her really sadistically with a leather-soled slipper of mine. I really leathered her. Her bottom was glowing and aching. Then I thought I hadn’t checked the kitchen and, sure enough, it was filthy. She’d been cooking pasta and left the wooden spoon out so I grabbed it and tanned her bottom good and proper. I told her this was going to be a regular occurance! I gave her a volley of eye-watering spanks and told her she could stay if she behaves herself.
2 February
15:39 minutes
My boss decided we’d have a debriefing after our sales pitch which hadn’t gone well. Our presentation equipment didn’t work, I’d been late and left early. He told me he wasn’t happy. Over his knee I went and spank he did, hard and fast and it didn’t matter how I pleaded he kept going. It really hurt. Then he said that, as this was a de-briefing session, I should be de-briefed. My boss took down my panties and continued to spank my already bright red bottom, fast and hard. Then he made me kneel on the chair, my bottom sticking out. How humiliating! He spanked me some more. Standing up he remarked that my bottom was not red enough. He really gave me some big swinging spanks now and said I’d get 20 and had to thank him after every one. Help! This was the hardest he’d ever spanked me. It was stinging so much I completely lost count so I got lots more. He wanted me to say something by way of an apology but I didn’t know what to say and it was over his knee for a long, hard, merciless tanning. I didn’t half squirm but he wouldn’t let me get up until he was finished with me, and that took a while, I can tell you.
What's Your Pleasure
Whether it's men dominating women or women dominating men or even women dominating women no traditional disciplinarian would be without those classic tools of the trade from the bare hand to the cane, from strap to tawse, from hairbrush to slipper and all manner of things in-between. Each implement is used to its devastating effect by extremely skilled practitioners in the art of corporal punishment.
Authentic Scenes
Whether it's in the office, in the classroom, in the bedroom, in the living room or on location my aim is to recreate the most realistic of scenes for each and every video and I am constantly looking out for more.
The same goes for the outfits worn too....whether a Victorian mistress or a naughty schoolboy (or girl) or a normal housewife for that matter....a lot of attention is paid to the detail with every scene lovingly planned and crafted to transport you into another world and for some to bring out memories long buried!
High Definition
Our movies are produced using High Definition camcorders so you can enjoy the clarity such filming brings with it. There are no image galleries here...only movies. After all, what's the point in a picture where there is no sound effect of the thwack raining down on that bottom being beaten to accompany it? So take the step forward and listen to every stroke, every moan, every yelp... and not forgetting the stunning dialogue that sets the scene.
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