Whilst some sites play at corporal punishment we all have a real and genuine passion for it. There's nothing better than going to bed with a hot glow to warm up those cold nights or the buzz that comes from pleasure out of pain...

23 September
24:28 minutes

Amanda has been acting up again and Grandad has a plan of action. He loves her dearly and can’t stand his Grandaughter falling into bad ways. Amanda is to report to him at allotted times and receive a spanking in the style of his choice to turn her into a well behaved young lady. There’s no time like the present! Amanda squeals at Grandad’s mega-fast hand spanking. Amanda’s bottom is now the colour of her suspender belt! She didn’t expect it to feel like this! Just when she thought it is almost over Grandad drops the bombshell that she is to receive twenty VERY hard ones whilst laying on the bed. She stands up to inspect her bottom and she is shocked to see such redness and bruising. Then Grandad instructs Amanda to stand up and bend over the foot of the bed so that she can receive twenty with the round ended leather crop. She gasps and jumps her way through the strokes, saying that her legs are shaking. “This will stop me sitting down to do my homework!” she exclaims, but Grandad wasn’t born yesterday and such statements wont get her out of this punishment!

16 September
24:16 minutes

Mr Wakefield has summoned Miss D’arcy to his office about a number of complaints from other teachers. He gives her the option of being caned or being expelled. As usual Imogen tries to get out of her punishment but squeals as the Head pulls her over his knee and begins a hard hand spanking whilst he reels off her bad behaviours. He bends her over his desk and canes her a few times and she gasps in shock. He then pulls out a big leather reinforced crop and works her bottom with it in a way she will never forget. Making her remove her skirt, he takes her to the classroom, reads her misdemeanors from the blackboard, bends her over the desk and thrashes her hard with his crop. To drive the message home he canes her. Lord only knows how she withstands these strokes as she winces each time it lands on her bare bottom. She is embarrassed, humiliated, in pain and ever so slightly still defiant. The Head orders her to follow him and they return carrying the vaulting horse. He sets about marking her bottom with his leather crop and shows her no mercy. Down come her knickers! The crop lands on her bottom again and again...

9 September
23:00 minutes

Amanda is booked for a photoshoot with a photographer she hasn’t worked with before. It’s a fun fetish shoot posing with some spanking items but gets a strange instinctive feeling. She asks to look at the viewfinder to see what they have created so far. The Photographer clearly doesn’t want to show her and it soon becomes cleart why... there is no film in the camera! Amanda isn’t naïve. With everything she needs already to hand she pulls a stool into the centre and begins with a plimsoll. She is excited about working through the implements the phoney Photographer has brought with him and has a knack for corporal punishment! Amanda next paddles his bottom over and over again. He knows he is in serious trouble here. He complies with her questioning and accepts his punishment. Amanda enjoys tormenting him, strutting around in her little hotpants, swinging the tawse around before landing it on his bare bottom. She threatens him by saying that she may take a few photographs of her own, but will she? I don’t think this guy will try this stunt with any other girls in a hurry!

2 September
9:56 minutes

Amanda is a naughty little minx, pushing her luck at bed time as usual. Her long suffering Father is trying to read the newspaper in the living room and the poor bloke can’t get a minutes peace. Amanda keeps shouting from her bedroom that she wants a biscuit and a glass of water and wont shut up, when when her Dad threatens to spank her. He brings her a glass of water and she is still being cheeky. Eventually he drags her out of the bed, flips her over on the bed, onto her belly, pulls down her panties and spanks her very hard until she is complaining and crying. It jolly well serves her right! Her Daddy then takes the wooden handled leather strap to her bare backside. “It’s excruciating, Dad!” she whines, but it’s just tough luck! There is one thing, however, that does stop naughty girls playing up... and that’s the cane (as we will find out)!

26 August
4:37 minutes

Imogen saunters in from one of her usual shopping sprees to face her long suffering Husband, who is furious after receiving a phone call from the credit card company. He complains that she buys all these fancy clothes, but they never go out anywhere in order for her to wear them. He’s also sick to the back teeth of having to eat beans on toast all the time instead of proper meals. This has gone on for long enough; and this time, when Imogen makes a flippant remark in reply to him asserting himself, he becomes livid. Mr. Wakefield pulls Imogen forcefully over his knee and spanks her really, really hard with his hand. So hard, in fact, that he has to stop and put on one of his leather gloves in order to continue. There’s no way he is going to stop anyway. Imogen really needs to learn how to behave. Mr. Wakefield then decides to bend Imogen over the armchair. He removes his belt and begins to strap her with it so that she is crying out.

19 August
18:39 minutes

Amanda is weeding the garden when she looks through the window and spies her Husband on the bed with his phone browsing a spanking website! Being a traditional and prudish wife she is outraged, shocked and disgusted. It turns out he has had a secret fetish for corporal punishment for some time. They have a big argument and Amanda flips, in a way that is quite unexpected! She tells her husband that if this is what he wants – this is what he will get! She had bought a leather strap with the intention of frightening cats out of the garden but uses it on her fetishistic husband’s bottom instead! She makes him lay on the bed, kicks her stockinged leg up on to the bed and swings the strap down onto his backside. She climbs onto the bed, pulls his pants down, straddles him and spanks his bare bottom with her hands, then attacks him in a similar way with the leather strap. This doesn’t seem to be getting through. She has something more effective… a cane! She prods him with it and tells him off some more for being a dreadful husband and tells him that he is going to receive twelve strokes of the cane.

12 August
10:21 minutes

Imogen was at the Sports Centre for a swim. She heads to the showers. Seeing the men’s showers empty she decides to use theirs, as they’re much larger and cleaner than the women’s. The Manager catches her ready to turn on the shower. He’s unhappy that the rules have been infringed and gives her the option to either have her admission revoked or promise to use the ladies in future; and be disciplined too. She chooses the latter but is scared. He bends Imogen over his knee and spanks her with his hand. After a couple of minutes he feels he needs more skin to spank but can’t take off her costume, so instead pulls up the legs to expose more of her fleshy, round bottom. Imogen says that if her boyfriend found out, he would probably come around and spank him himself. Not the right thing to say. It just makes him so angry that he spanks her even harder and faster! Whilst spanking he has a brainwave; there’s a fly swat in the corner for swatting the blubottles that keep infesting the place. He makes Imogen stand up against the wall with her red bottom on show. The rest is inevitable…

5 August
18:15 minutes

Miss Akroyd has been summoned into the Governor’s office for flirting with prison inmates, giving them porn and unsafe advice on conduct in the outside world once rehabilitated. Miss Akroyd refuses to accept her behaviour is out of order and quickly gets herself into a heated argument. The Governer has heard enough and asks Miss Akroyd to bend over the desk for her punishment. On go the leather gloves for one hundred strokes of the Governor’s hand. Miss Akroyd begins to count, but is soon in hot water when she can't stop her mouth from running away with her. The Governor enjoys humouring Miss Akroyd by not rising to her jibes and carries on. With Miss Akroyd’s French knickers pulled down the slap of leather upon her flesh is starting to smart! The next penalty is 20 strokes of the martinet and Akroyd is instructed to bend over the office chair. Suddenly the situation is not so funny anymore! Akroyd is reminded that she isn’t in a position to be complaining and asks her to remove her skirt completely. The next is by far the worst.... the brown leather Prison strap!

What's Your Pleasure
Whether it's men dominating women or women dominating men or even women dominating women no traditional disciplinarian would be without those classic tools of the trade from the bare hand to the cane, from strap to tawse, from hairbrush to slipper and all manner of things in-between. Each implement is used to its devastating effect by extremely skilled practitioners in the art of corporal punishment.
Authentic Scenes
Whether it's in the office, in the classroom, in the bedroom, in the living room or on location my aim is to recreate the most realistic of scenes for each and every video and I am constantly looking out for more.
The same goes for the outfits worn too....whether a Victorian mistress or a naughty schoolboy (or girl) or a normal housewife for that matter....a lot of attention is paid to the detail with every scene lovingly planned and crafted to transport you into another world and for some to bring out memories long buried!
High Definition
Our movies are produced using High Definition camcorders so you can enjoy the clarity such filming brings with it. There are no image galleries here...only movies. After all, what's the point in a picture where there is no sound effect of the thwack raining down on that bottom being beaten to accompany it? So take the step forward and listen to every stroke, every moan, every yelp... and not forgetting the stunning dialogue that sets the scene.
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