Whilst some sites play at corporal punishment we all have a real and genuine passion for it. There's nothing better than going to bed with a hot glow to warm up those cold nights or the buzz that comes from pleasure out of pain...

19 May
15:30 minutes

My boss had spent ages on the phone pacifying an irate client about a document getting to them late. And it was me that should have posted it. He called me to his office and I tried to lie my way out of trouble but only made things worse. He sat down and pulled me over his knee and started spanking me really hard and bit by bit the truth came out. I was running late because I’d met my boyfriend and gave the documents to him to take to the Post Office. He told me to take my dress off for more spankings. Off it came, showing girdle and black stockings. Then it was over his knee for a long hard spanking. He made me get right over with feet off the floor. My girdle was getting in the way so he unclipped my stockings and rolled it up. He was going to make my bottom as red as my underwear! The tears were coming now and I was so, so sorry. He stood me up, panties down and gave me even more stinging slaps. I was crying with the relentless tanning and I apologised, but it wasn’t sincere enough so it was over his desk for the hardest spanks of all before he made me apologise and agree to regular Friday spankings!

12 May
15:45 minutes

Keith’s Aunt Donna is sitting at the dining table waiting for him. He is over an hour late! “Where have you been?” she demands. He replies nonchalantly. “Right, pants down and bend over!” Keith dutifully bends over the back of a chair with his pants down awaiting his fate. Aunt Donna smacks his bare behind with her hand. She is a very strict Aunt indeed! “This is silly” says Keith. Aunt Donna is incredulous Cue the plimsoll... Aunt Donna beats his bottom hard and fast then asks him if he is repentant yet. Keith is either very tough or stupid! Sensing insincerity she continues to smash away at his sore bumuntil the skin is red and raised. “I’ll drum it into you eventually!” Aunt Donna swaps sides and beats him right handed for a better swing. A half hearted apology follows. Donna is angry and determined to teach this naughty nephew a lesson. She pulls out a black leather paddle and really rains down stroke after stroke across the boy’s buttocks. His skin ripples under the pressure of her paddle and the marks of punishment are clearly visible. “If this happens again, I will hit you so badly you wont be able to walk for a week!” she warns.

5 May
8:39 minutes

Mr Johnson, the Area Manager, makes a surprise visit to one of the cafés which he is responsible for. He shouts for Amanda, the Supervisor, who is busy with the waitress, Jazlene, elsewhere. Mr Johnson inspects the place and is very disappointed with the way things are being run. He orders both of them to bend over one of the tables. He pulls up their dresses and smacks their bottoms, one after the other. Their complaints go unheeded as he pulls down their knickers and carries on. Then he proceeds to spank them with a wooden spatula. Mr Johnson is certainly in the right place for suitable spanking implements! The girls are supposed to be catering for the party upstairs and supervising. When Mr Johnson points this out he is met with more cheek and more excuses. He fetches his beloved cane that he takes everywhere with him (being a big advocate of Corporal Punishment) and canes Amanda. Next is Jazlene’s turn, who is woefully rubbing her sore bottom now. He leaves it down to Amanda to cane Jazlene. “Bend over!” She shouts...

28 April
10:12 minutes

Peter and I go out dancing every Saturday but I always get into trouble for flirting. I can't help it because I always wear vintage underwear and sheer stockings to go dancing and they make me feel SOOO sexy. I was getting frisky and asked Peter to put my stockings on for me but he was all fingers and thumbs. He was too excited, poor boy. After the last few dances he's spanked me for my behaviour when we got home, just before bed. Well, I had been a bit outrageous. As spanking didn't stop my flirting he decided to spank me BEFORE we went out this time, so the sting in my tender bottom would remind me to behave. And spank me he did for what seemed like ages and my corset didn’t really protect my bottom from his hard spanks. But I have to flirt now, don't I? Or I won't be spanked in my stockings and suspenders before we go to bed. Being naughty has its advantages! One of these days I'll spank him right back and what a hot Tango we'll do that night!

21 April
17:34 minutes

Auntie Amanda calls her insolent nephew into the living room where she is waiting, cross legged. She tells him off for not tidying his room but he doesn’t seem bothered. This calls for punishment! She tells him to bend for a few whacks with her hand, then has a better idea; a strapping with her leather strap. Still grinning, she yells at him, bends him back over the sofa and tawses him. Yet to show remorse she makes him bend over her knee yanks down his jeans and spanks his bottom until pink. “You’ll learn some respect” Auntie shouts. She demands a sincere apology, but she doesn’t believe a word. Bending him over the sofa, Auntie shows Robbie a nice pair of patent slippers. Teasing and taunting him, she wanders around, menacingly and beats him slowly and deliberately. Still not convinced, she yanks Robbie by his ear and walks him to the big fireplace. She picks up a Victorian carpet beater. With him bent over she whacks him harder and harder. He cries out as he counts the strokes. After 20 strokes she pulls his underpants right down and carries on for another 10, all the while reminding him that it’s for his own good.

14 April
2:42 minutes

Miss Austin has Keith bent over her beautiful throne with his bottom facing her. She pulls down his shorts and declares that she is going to give him twelve strokes of her leather crop. Busty Miss Austin, dressed in a pair of tight black trousers, shows no mercy as she whacks Keith’s naughty bottom again and again. He obviously picks up on the fact that she has given him more than twelve, but she doesn’t listen. She seems to be enjoying herself too much! Miss Austin stops to survey the marks on Keith’s rear, then carries on until she feels she has punished him enough. Miss Austin lets Keith pull up his shorts, turns to the camera, taps the crop on her hand menacingly and warns, “And this is what you’re going to get if you’re a naughty boy!”

7 April
9:01 minutes

Mr Johnson owns a few holiday villas in Morocco and employs two English girls, Jazlene and Amanda, as maids. Mr Johnson arrives when they are taking yet another break outside drinking alcohol and sharing tales from the night before. He threatens them with the sack... or they can take his wrath, which entails a severe hand spanking and the dreaded strap! He pulls Amanda’s knickers down and really spanks her hard. Jazlene is giggling until he drags her over to the step and gives her naughty bottom the same treatment. He still detects insincerity and takes that as a good reason to bend them both over the step together. He bares the girls’ bottoms and spanks them alternately with his hand. He collectively gives them twenty four hard slaps. Now comes the penalty for drinking on the job. They both begin blaming each other. Mr Johnson wields his strap. The girls’ bottoms are becoming more bruised with every stroke. Jazlene’s is particularly bruising quickly. He hand spanks them after the strapping and makes them squeal in surprise. He is nobody’s fool, that man!

31 March
8:05 minutes

Robbie is in the kitchen having a break from housework. Amanda comes home from work early and catches him. She notices the empty bottle of wine on the counter that they were supposed to be saving for tonight. “You need some good discipline!” yells Amanda and slaps poor Robbie on the face. She opens the kitchen drawer and pulls out a bundle of wooden kitchen implements. She orders him to bend over the worktop and begins by spanking his bottom with her hand. She picks up the wooden spoon and takes it to his bottom, hard and fast. Robbie cries out in pain but she carries on hitting him alternately on each cheek. She then does the same with a wooden spatula. She really has it in for him! She whacks him on top of his underpants and then takes down his underwear and hand spanks his bare and very pink bottom – first with her hand and then with the same spatula as before. “It’s hurtiiiiiiing!” shouts Robbie. “Pull your pants up and clean this pigsty!” says Amanda and leaves him to nurse his sore bottom... and finish his duties!

What's Your Pleasure
Whether it's men dominating women or women dominating men or even women dominating women no traditional disciplinarian would be without those classic tools of the trade from the bare hand to the cane, from strap to tawse, from hairbrush to slipper and all manner of things in-between. Each implement is used to its devastating effect by extremely skilled practitioners in the art of corporal punishment.
Authentic Scenes
Whether it's in the office, in the classroom, in the bedroom, in the living room or on location my aim is to recreate the most realistic of scenes for each and every video and I am constantly looking out for more.
The same goes for the outfits worn too....whether a Victorian mistress or a naughty schoolboy (or girl) or a normal housewife for that matter....a lot of attention is paid to the detail with every scene lovingly planned and crafted to transport you into another world and for some to bring out memories long buried!
High Definition
Our movies are produced using High Definition camcorders so you can enjoy the clarity such filming brings with it. There are no image galleries here...only movies. After all, what's the point in a picture where there is no sound effect of the thwack raining down on that bottom being beaten to accompany it? So take the step forward and listen to every stroke, every moan, every yelp... and not forgetting the stunning dialogue that sets the scene.
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