Whilst some sites play at corporal punishment we all have a real and genuine passion for it. There's nothing better than going to bed with a hot glow to warm up those cold nights or the buzz that comes from pleasure out of pain...

24 November
14:29 minutes
I told Peter to resubmit the awful homework he gave me last week. He was to get the punishment I had dished out at the time. He had a very insolent manner today. I opened my jacket to reveal a tawse across my left shoulder then made Peter bend over his desk for 6 of the best. The foolish boy lost count so I made him kneel with his hands out. He forgot which hand so I started again. I took him by the ear to administer a thrashing in the gym. When I went to pull his underpants down I was stunned to find rubber shorts underneath. Foolish boy! His thrashing would be more severe and I upped the punishment from 12 to 18 strokes. Then I caned him as hard as I could. After all, he had his magic shorts to protect him, didn’t he? He made a cheeky remark and he got it rapid-fire. You can tell by his voice that this was really hurting. Then, near the end, he lost count so I went back to 12. At 18 I pulled down his ridiculous rubber shorts and what a red bottom! Then a button popped off my jacket and he told me why. BIG MISTAKE. I thrashed him good and proper, brutally and quickly until my arm ached. Only then did I let him go.
17 November
16:42 minutes
My employer makes me wear a French Maid costume to clean the house. I thought I'd spice it up by wearing a vintage girdle and tan stockings with a pair of VERY sexy high heels. When he came in he was furious. He hates me to wear stockings and demanded they came off. My funny comments were making things worse and before I knew it I was across his knee. Down came my panties and he spanked my bare bottom. He relished every spank and they got harder. I made the mistake of asking for a hairbrush. I was going to tidy my hair while over his knee but he had another idea entirely. He gave me firm, sharp smacks with the brush! I pleaded but it was no good. When he rubbed my red hot bottom I called him a pervert and he REALLY gave me some hard slaps. ! Why can't I keep my mouth shut? He said I was to receive 12 strokes, made me bend over and pulled down my panties. As if that would make a difference! I had to count but got confused with the searing pain and counted 8 twice so I got an extra stroke. After 12 he rubbed his hand over my bottom and pulled up my panties before putting me back to work.
10 November
24:41 minutes
I had given Roy his annual appraisal and had nothing good to say. He was going to be disciplined. No warnings, I'd rather SPANK. It was that or lose his job. Shoes and trousers off and over my knee. I really laid into him with the hairbrush. He was really struggling to take it, wincing and gasping with each blow, but I wanted this to be a much more severe punishment. Bent over, I took a slipper to his bare, red bottom. I slipped off my tight, knee length high heeled boots to get a better swing. I was making him gasp with every stroke and getting harder every time. I had a hidden camera, I told him, for blackmail. We still had plenty of time so I picked out my oak paddle and used it brutally. I really don't know my own strength. Then I told him he wouldn't have a job unless he accepted a thrashing with my dragon cane. I selected my favourite, my most painful crook-handled cane. He was going to get 12 strokes of my rod. Nasty implement, the cane. Especially in my hands when I'm seriously displeased. He knew I had a camera running and I suggested we made a movie. "How to Succeed in a Man's World." He wasn't very amused.
3 November
15:14 minutes
I was in detention. He caught me chewing gum. I had to put my hands out and he gave me a painful dose of the Irish Discipline Strap. It hurt! He said only the naughtiest girls get Headmaster’s detention and after punishment by the teacher the Head decides on additional correction. I had to bend over my desk, skirt up and he spanked me hard. I kicked and squealed and tried to get up but he pushed me firmly down. This was all for asking the French teacher what the French word for “penis” was. A little French counting practice and it was over the horse for me and continued to beat me with the Irish Discipline Strap. He leathered my already painful bottom. I managed to last to 10 with a lot of squealing and rubbed my tender bottom under my knickers. He said my bottom needed very severe treatment and I knew what was coming. It was gown and mortarboard off for the cane. OH, help! I hate the cane! I jumped up after the third swish squealing and kicking and when he had finished he admired his handiwork. How badly he’d marked my poor, poor bottom. He made me say thank you before he would let me go.
27 October
8:28 minutes
Last Halloween a gang of local boys were very, very rude to me. I’m a very private person, I have a cat and I wear long tight black dresses. They called me a witch and the ringleader threw an egg at my window. I was extremely cross, I can tell you. So this year I set a trap. I bought fake cobwebs, a witches hat and thick-handled broomstick and I borrowed a vintage riding crop. When Peter arrived, trick or treating at my door, he had no idea what was in store for him. He was putty in my hands. I can be VERY authoritarian and before he knew what hit him he was bare-bottomed and bent over. THEN I hit him with the crop. MY, how he flinched as I tanned his arse. The thick handle of the broom was just the thing to blister his bottom as I thrashed him unmercifully. Now THAT was a witches spell! But did Peter get a trick or did he get a treat? You decide, HAHAHA.
20 October
12:56 minutes
As Miss Akroyd’s Form Teacher she was sent to me for writing graffiti on the toilet walls. When I questioned her she just found the whole incident funny. She’d been warned about her behaviour and I had no choice but to put her across my knee and give her a good, old-fashioned spanking. She squealed and complained. Further denial got her an even harder spanking. When I let her stand up she was insolent and wouldn’t even respect me enough to stand up straight so I took the ruler to her hands. When she looked contemptuously at me I thought enough was enough and sent her to the Headmaster for a caning. He made her admit her misdemeanor and gave her a good telling-off, cane in hand, She tried to make excuses but he wasn't having that, bent her over the desk, lifted her short skirt and took his painful knobbly cane to her bottom, time and time again. She squealed and stamped but he gave her a very sore and striped bottom before he let her go.
13 October
24:42 minutes
My Boss was not at all happy with the way I was treating my office junior, Katie and wanted me to apologise for the humiliating dressing-down I had given her in the office. I refused, point blank. It was an apology or a spanking and before I could argue I was over his knee and he was spanking me hard, on and on. Soon my skirt came up, then my slip. When that didn’t work he laid into my crimson bottom with a hairbrush and a leather slipper. My word, they really hurt but I wouldn’t give in. He bent me over a sofa and thrashed me with a riding crop. I only just managed to take it. This was real! Down came my dress and out came the heavy leather strap, used with a heavy hand! My girdle, stockings and even my panties had to go and he birched me cruelly. I was meant to get 6 but ended up getting 18, by which time I was crying. He said he’d filmed this so I’d better do as he says or the office will see it. And probably get another thrashing too!
6 October
5:40 minutes
“Come here!” barked Miss Akroyd, “you know what you’ve done”. I tried to protest but it was over her knee for me and she didn’t half spank me hard. Miss Akroyd has hands like hardwood it hurt. I couldn't keep still, wincing and squirming with each slap. Now with trousers down it was back over her knee, my bottom was getting bright red but she wouldn’t let me rub it. “I have a wooden spoon” she menacingly told me to which, in the circumstances, I foolishly replied that she had it because she was always stirring shit! Well! Then I REALLY got it. I thought I’d been spanked quite severely enough and my bottom was glowing (and throbbing) but Miss Akroyd insisted that my panties came down. She spanked me some more on my poor, burning, bare bottom and the launched into another rapid-fire session with the wooden spoon. HARD! She showed me no mercy whatsoever and really scorched me. I wriggled and squirmed and squealed and rubbed. It was pure agony. Eventually her sadistic needs were fulfilled and she let me up. I stalked off in a strop and Miss Akroyd looked very pleased with her handiwork.
What's Your Pleasure
Whether it's men dominating women or women dominating men or even women dominating women no traditional disciplinarian would be without those classic tools of the trade from the bare hand to the cane, from strap to tawse, from hairbrush to slipper and all manner of things in-between. Each implement is used to its devastating effect by extremely skilled practitioners in the art of corporal punishment.
Authentic Scenes
Whether it's in the office, in the classroom, in the bedroom, in the living room or on location my aim is to recreate the most realistic of scenes for each and every video and I am constantly looking out for more.
The same goes for the outfits worn too....whether a Victorian mistress or a naughty schoolboy (or girl) or a normal housewife for that matter....a lot of attention is paid to the detail with every scene lovingly planned and crafted to transport you into another world and for some to bring out memories long buried!
High Definition
Our movies are produced using High Definition camcorders so you can enjoy the clarity such filming brings with it. There are no image galleries here...only movies. After all, what's the point in a picture where there is no sound effect of the thwack raining down on that bottom being beaten to accompany it? So take the step forward and listen to every stroke, every moan, every yelp... and not forgetting the stunning dialogue that sets the scene.
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