Whilst some sites play at corporal punishment we all have a real and genuine passion for it. There's nothing better than going to bed with a hot glow to warm up those cold nights or the buzz that comes from pleasure out of pain...

29 July
14:40 minutes

Amanda comes in from a long day at work to find her husband relaxing with tea and newspaper. She asks him about his day at school and he tells her that he had to cane a girl for misbehaving. He doesn’t bother to listen to Amanda’s recount of her day. She is so tired of being ignored by her chauvinistic spouse that she decides to go to the bedroom and wait for him.... with a little surprise! He goes to find her to ask why his dinner isn’t ready only to discover her standing there in full dominatrix style regalia with a sinister smile. She is going to teach him the same lesson that he taught his pupil! Over her knee he goes and Amanda spanks him hard, whilst shouting at him for being an undutiful Husband. Amanda warns him it isn't over and grabs a cane and squares up to him. She is going to show him how to give her respect! She tells him to bend over the bed and sets about caning him slowly, but hard, with a stern expression on her face. He doesn’t have much choice than to do exactly what she tells him. Amanda pulls his underpants down and canes him for all the years he’s been ignoring her...

22 July
12:06 minutes

Keith has been summoned to Miss Brook’s classroom because he has used the excuse yet again that the dog urinated on his Maths homework. She tells him off calmly. Miss Brook is always firm, yet fair and says that, although she will punish him, she is going to give his bottom a good old warm up first. Smack! Smack! Her hand rains down. He is red raw by the time she’s done and ripe for his impending caning. The poor boy. It’s time to move onto the much feared black leather paddle. Miss Brook hits him severely, over and over again, until his backside is purple and bruised and he can obviously not take much more. She is so hot under the collar after exerting herself in administering this punishment, that she has to stop to remove her mortar board and gown, then carries on spanking him until she sees fit. She then draws a cane from her pot of many and strikes him hard and fast, giving him six of the VERY best. Miss Brook bends over, with the cane behind her, lifting up her perfect bottom before the camera to scold Keith some more before instructing him to stand up and get out.

15 July
11:16 minutes

Imogen is practicing her tennis skills outside Mr Wakefield’s house. She is so bad she keeps knocking the ball against his window. He bangs on the window and tells her to stop and play somewhere else. Defiant as always Imogen carries on. The next time she hits the window Mr Wakefield shocks Imogen as he rushes out, grabs her arm and drags her into his living room. Straight over his knee she goes, tennis skirt pulled up and smacks her again and again. She looks even more shocked as he pushes her over the chair and proceeds to whip her with his riding crop. Down come the gym knickers and off he goes to fetch another crop – a hard, shiny black leather one. If this doesn’t teach her, nothing will! The strokes are so hard. Mr Wakefield intermittently givies her a few hand slaps to tease her into thinking the pain is over but then he starts again. Mr Wakefield leaves her and another torturous implement is brought. He swishes the cane he has picked up. Imogen whimpers loudly at the sound, cowering into the chair. “I’m going to give you twelve of these!” he barks.

8 July
16:36 minutes

Eris has been appointed as personal home Nurse by Amanda’s high flying parents. She is sick and they are worried they will be away while she is at home unable to care for herself. Nurse Eris arrives and finds Amanda brushing her hair. As soon as Amanda sees her she begins acting ill. Nurse Eris is suspicious and checks out her medical state. She accuses Amanda and decides the best remedy is a good OTK spanking. Also suspicious is how Amanda is dressed and soon discovers why; she has a packet of condoms under her pillow! Another OTK spanking is needed. Eventually she admits the truth. Nurse Eris is very calm and sees exactly what is going on. She bends Amanda over the chair and starts hitting her bare bottom with Amanda’s hairbrush. Although stinging her, she is still very cheeky. Nurse Eris smiles and asks where her parents keep their punishment implements. Amanda won't tell her, but Nurse Eris finds a leather paddle in the drawers. She makes Amanda bend over on all fours on her bed and paddles her behind hard! Maybe Amanda ought to cut her losses?

1 July
14:55 minutes

Auntie is busy Spring cleaning when she gets a call from school. Her nephew has been sent home for playing truant. In he saunters. Auntie will soon wipe that smile off his face! She tells him she can either call his Mother or dish out the punishment herself. Of course he chooses the latter as his Mother will be FURIOUS! She bends him over her knee. Judging by his bottom he has had this punishment many times before! Auntie begins hand spanking his bare bottom. He tries to argue but she gets angry. Off comes her slipper and tans him hard with the sole before the harder implements come out. She takes the wooden spoon to her nephew’s bare behind. Harder and harder she smacks him with it, stopping occasionally to scold him. She tries to get a confession out of him. After he lies to her she tells him to stand up against the window whilst she takes out her belt. Instructed to bend over the sofa, with his knees on the floor, Auntie flogs him until he confesses what else he stole from the shop. He is certainly brave… and very stupid!

24 June
17:01 minutes

Poor Miss Rutherford has her work cut out with this feisty one! The science lesson is all about reproduction in mammals. Amanda thinks such talk is dirty and that the lesson plan states reproduction is not on the syllabus. Miss Rutherford goes to the office to check. Oh dear! It seems Amanda is correct for once! Amanda just LOVES a spot of blackmail and says that if she can spank Miss Rutherford then she won't tell the Head. Miss Rutherford reluctantly agrees and bends over Amanda’s desk while Amanda hand spanks her, relishing the power play. Amanda then lifts up Miss Rutherford’s skirt to reveal her rather provocative sheer panties and stockings. Amanda removes her plimsoll and uses it to beat Miss Rutherford hard. Her bottom is growing redder by the stroke! Afterwards, Amanda leads Miss Rutherford into the Head’s office to give her the cane. The strokes are scary! Amanda doesn’t seem to give a damn about where she’s swinging that cane. It’s pretty obvious she’s not done this type of thing before as she whacks the rod against the backs of Miss Rutherford’s thighs!

17 June
5:30 minutes

I knew my boss was angry with me and I was going to get another spanking so I pretended I felt faint but he just pulled me over his knee and pulled up my vintage dress. He set about spanking my plump, round bottom all over, high, low and round the tender sides, fast and firm. He was telling me off for making excuses as he beat my tender young bottom, saying I was cheeky and unrepentant and he would see to it that my bottom was properly spanked this time. Then he pulled down my knickers and spanked me faster and harder than ever. It was hurting like mad and I stamped and kicked but he wouldn’t stop, saying I needed a good session with my knickers down and my bottom spanked. He said it was for my own benefit then let me look at my throbbing bottom in the mirror. Finally he let me go. I went straight to the rest room and put a cold wet towel on my livid red behind.

10 June
10:18 minutes

I should have been looking for a job to pay the rent but I’d just got Part 2 of that book and was lazing on my bed when my Landlord let himself in to challenge me about the rent being overdue for 5 weeks. When I said I was a bit short he noticed my new expensive summer dress, paid for out of my rent money while he was paying bank charges. Then he noticed my book. “If you like spanking and caning I think a good spanking will sort you out” he told me “and when I spank you it won’t be funny”. He sat in the armchair and pulled me over his knee and spanked me hard, then lifted my dress to find a “quite pink” bottom which turned redder with a hard fast spanking. He wasn’t satisfied yet and made me kneel on the armchair for more. With my dress up my Landlord announced that I would get a spank for every pound of rent money I owed. That would be 200 spanks! I squealed and squirmed but he slapped and spanked. The last 10 were REALLY hard. Then he let himself out. Now I have to decide how to pay my rent. Or I could just buy dresses and take my spankings. I wonder!

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