Whilst some sites play at corporal punishment we all have a real and genuine passion for it. There's nothing better than going to bed with a hot glow to warm up those cold nights or the buzz that comes from pleasure out of pain...

30 June
6:59 minutes
“Come here!” barked my Husband “and lift your skirt.” He was furious to find I was wearing tights. He only allows stockings but they’re such a fuss with suspenders and clips. He threw me across his knee and pulled down the tights to give me a good spanking. I offered to change but he then removed my panties, not that they gave me any protection. He spanked me long and hard and I complained like mad that “IT HURTS.” Seeing some marks from my last tanning he reached for a 2-tailed tawse but opted for another long, hard spanking. We have a novelty fly swat that he said he’d “practice” with, then grabbed a short and very sore strap. I was getting 6 but I counted the sixth as five so got it again, which I naturally called seven and got it AGAIN. So unfair! Horrid man gave me six of the cane to finish which I just managed to endure with lots of “OWs” and gasps. He left me, hands on head, skirt up and red bare-bottomed. So humiliating!
23 June
9:36 minutes
A BRUTAL, BLOODY BEATING..... My workmen were driving me mad and the worst offender was the foreman, Peter, doing no work at all and expecting me to pay him. I decided to make an example of him and send him back to his workmates with a horror story. I told him I was going to cane him or he wouldn’t get paid. He’d work for nothing when I was through with him! He bent over the chair in his far-too-clean overalls and I set about his idle rump. He’d never been caned before and he jumped about with every brutal swish. It was time for his overalls to come down and I REALLY let him have it. I told him I would make sure his underpants were soaked in blood and lashed him savagely. “OH! There it is!” I announced and continued to thrash him. The bloodstain grew rapidly. What a fabulous, fabulous job I had done. The final flurry of cutting slashes made a rivulet of blood run down into his underpants. What a sight! Do you know, he worked a LOT harder after that.
16 June
7:04 minutes
After a night out on the booze a girl gets lost on her way home and staggers into a barn. After meandering around inside and playing with the equipment there, she takes her beer bottle and collapses drunkenly on the hay. The next morning, Mr Johnson walks into the barn and finds a still drunken Jazlene. He is very unhappy and threatens her with the police. Jazlene just giggles. It's obvious the police are going to be no deterrent for her. Maybe a good bare bottom spanking will be though! Strict Mr Johnson sits on the hay bale, pulls her over his knee and starts smacking her bottom. Jazlene kicks and complains, so he pulls down her panties and hits her on her bare buttocks, which are bruised. “Stand up!” Mr Johnson instructs. He picks up an equestrian crop and drags Jazlene over to the stone wall. He crops her six times over her dress, making her count each stroke. Then he pulls up her dress and pulls her panties down. He then gives her the remaining six strokes. She is clearly in pain and her bottom looks ever so sore. “Now go!” Mr Johnson tells her. Something tells me that this girl sobered up VERY quickly after that ordeal!
9 June
14:35 minutes
I rang the bell to summon Peter to my classroom where I told him that the headgirl had given me a glowing report of his behaviour in the detentions she supervised for me. But he’s a wicked, sneaky boy and I think he and the headgirl have hatched some sort of plot to make him look better. I decided to deal with this once and for all and borrowed a fearsome Prison Strap from a friend in the Prison Service. I’ve spanked, slippered and caned Peter with little improvement, now he was going to feel the weight of this terrifying strap across his bare bottom. I took him by the ear to the gym, complaining and pleading all the way, where I made him lie on the horse, underpants down for 36 blistering strokes. It was going to be 24 but I added 12 for getting on my nerves. I REALLY laid into him as hard as I could. He was in agony at stroke 17, not even half way. The last 6 were really brutal and he was struggling to keep his composure and moved more that I allow so I sentenced him to an additional 6. Finally I allowed him to get up and thank me before being dismissed. I’m fairly sure he was sobbing on the way out.
2 June
17:08 minutes
“This room is where I like to play” says Robbie, as he pulls Amanda by a rope around her neck and pushes her onto a whipping bench, securing her with leather and metal wrist and ankle restraints. He exposes her bare bottom and stockings and begins to spank her. Amanda declares she isn't enjoying it but will try hard to make Robbie a happier man in future. He carries on with his hard punishment until Amanda cries and her bottom is pinker than ever. Robbie then shackles Amanda to his St Andrew’s Cross then beats her bottom with a black leather paddle. She buckles against the weight of his swing and cries out.. After he has seen fit to move on he fetches a twisted wooden handled leather ended crop. He flicks the crop tantilisingly over Amanda’s bare flesh as she cries under the pain. She can’t escape. In Robbie’s red room choices are left at the door! When she thought she had retained a tiny scrap of dignity, Robbie unshackles Amanda and makes her kneel at his feet to beg for forgiveness, ties the rope back around her neck, and leads her, crawling, into his cage. Robbie will be back in three hours to a very submissive woman!
26 May
18:04 minutes
Inspecting the yard it was unswept and untidy and my exclusive bullwhip was lying on the ground. Whips deteriorate if they get dirty and my stable hand’s bottom was certainly going to deteriorate for this. Down came his trousers. I made him bend over to give him a hard hand spanking with my leather riding glove. This was not severe enough so I decided to whip him, send him home and dock his pay. I bent him over in the corner and thrashed him with my lunging whip. He got several swishes but I hadn’t hurt him enough: not a yelp or a whimper. I sent him to the stable to fetch the old vaulting horse. I bent him over it and down came his underpants. I took my special crop and told him he was going to get 24 strokes. Oh, I do like to hear the crack as it strikes a bare bottom. I really laid into him for 24 full-strength strokes, my spurs jangling with each swing. He was struggling at the end. I didn't let him rub his bottom but made him kneel and kiss my boots so he would know his place. Then he had to take them off for me before I sent him to clean then. They'd better be well polished or he'll be back for another 24!
19 May
15:30 minutes

My boss had spent ages on the phone pacifying an irate client about a document getting to them late. And it was me that should have posted it. He called me to his office and I tried to lie my way out of trouble but only made things worse. He sat down and pulled me over his knee and started spanking me really hard and bit by bit the truth came out. I was running late because I’d met my boyfriend and gave the documents to him to take to the Post Office. He told me to take my dress off for more spankings. Off it came, showing girdle and black stockings. Then it was over his knee for a long hard spanking. He made me get right over with feet off the floor. My girdle was getting in the way so he unclipped my stockings and rolled it up. He was going to make my bottom as red as my underwear! The tears were coming now and I was so, so sorry. He stood me up, panties down and gave me even more stinging slaps. I was crying with the relentless tanning and I apologised, but it wasn’t sincere enough so it was over his desk for the hardest spanks of all before he made me apologise and agree to regular Friday spankings!

12 May
15:45 minutes

Keith’s Aunt Donna is sitting at the dining table waiting for him. He is over an hour late! “Where have you been?” she demands. He replies nonchalantly. “Right, pants down and bend over!” Keith dutifully bends over the back of a chair with his pants down awaiting his fate. Aunt Donna smacks his bare behind with her hand. She is a very strict Aunt indeed! “This is silly” says Keith. Aunt Donna is incredulous Cue the plimsoll... Aunt Donna beats his bottom hard and fast then asks him if he is repentant yet. Keith is either very tough or stupid! Sensing insincerity she continues to smash away at his sore bumuntil the skin is red and raised. “I’ll drum it into you eventually!” Aunt Donna swaps sides and beats him right handed for a better swing. A half hearted apology follows. Donna is angry and determined to teach this naughty nephew a lesson. She pulls out a black leather paddle and really rains down stroke after stroke across the boy’s buttocks. His skin ripples under the pressure of her paddle and the marks of punishment are clearly visible. “If this happens again, I will hit you so badly you wont be able to walk for a week!” she warns.

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