Whilst some sites play at corporal punishment we all have a real and genuine passion for it. There's nothing better than going to bed with a hot glow to warm up those cold nights or the buzz that comes from pleasure out of pain...

29 September
17:26 minutes
I had finally found the perfect Husband and we were on our honeymoon. When I say perfect I mean he has a fantastic income with opportunities for promotion to increase his salary. And he will do EXACTLY as I say. I think he was hooked when I let him spank me but that, I made clear, stops right now. He, on the other hand, will be thrashed regularly for any failure to please his new wife. I told him I would be in charge from now on and to get the message across I put him over my knee, on the edge of the marital bed, and gave him a very severe spanking. I’d only played at spanking him until I got a ring on his finger! He still wasn’t getting the idea so I took a leather paddle I’d packed and he got a blistering paddling with that. I’d train him. Just to make the situation perfectly clear I took a wicked knobbly cane to him. My Mother used that for years on my Father and he did everything she asked. Best wedding present she could have given me. Peter endured his initiation into marital bliss but was expecting to share the bed with me. No chance! He might stain the sheets. Maybe when his cuts heal!
22 September
10:58 minutes
The Headmaster stormed in to my office saying the report I’d compiled for his meeting had three vitally important issues for discussion missing. He was furious and my apologies were not enough. He brought me to the front of my desk and told me I took a lot of trouble on my appearance, right down to my fully fashioned stockings, but not enough on my work. “I’m going to punish you like any other girl in the school” he told me. He made me bend over my desk and spanked me firmly and my squeals and complaints made no difference. He led me in to the schoolroom by my ear and spanked my bottom and when he stopped I thought it was over. However, he placed a cushion on the desk to raise my bottom. I told him I was too old for a spanking and he agreed. “Yes you are, you’re going to get the cane.” Then he gave me a good caning. He didn’t think I’d learned my lesson and tawsed me on very tender cheeks. I wasn’t thinking and said he needed to get laid or something and went back to work with the cushion to put under my aching, throbbing bottom.
15 September
22:32 minutes
My Form Master had been getting too fond of disciplining us girls so I decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. I put him over my knee and spanked him as hard as I could, first on his underpants, then on the bare. I was enjoying this. I crossed my legs to stretch the skin more and he had the cheek to look at my thighs. I flailed him with my hand and told him I be caning him later. He wouldn’t be quiet and seemed to like the sound of his own voice. I swished a cane loudly and told him that was the sound I liked. I bent him over my desk and took a plimsoll to him HARD. I was going to thrash the living daylights out of him. He got up and thought I’d finished but I tanned him very hard indeed with my hairbrush, bent him over the horse and gave him a SEVERE caning. 12 of the best and he felt every one, believe me. I asked myself if I’d done a good job. NOT HALF!
8 September
3:11 minutes
That girl of mine had been causing trouble all week and I’d finally had enough. I sat down and told her to fetch the slipper. “You’re going over my knee for the spanking of your life, girl” I told her. Over she went and I put the slipper on her back because she knows if she squirms and it falls off she’ll get a slippering to remember. Down came her flimsy panties. “Bad girls get spanked on their bare bottoms” I reminded her as I spanked her as hard as I could. “PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE”, she pleaded but I kept raining down spanks on her bottom. Then I reached for the slipper and her bottom went bright crimson. She was still tearfully pleading for me to stop but I carried on. I made her stand, blubbing, hands on head, facing the wall until her Dad got home. Then she’d be for it...
1 September
28:52 minutes
I will not tolerate idle employees and, despite all my efforts, Peter my stable hand was not improving, despite regular thrashings. I determined that I WILL make a good worker of him if it costs him the skin on his lazy backside. Finding my saddle was filthy I took my crop to him, severely, in a loose box then left him, bare bottomed in the winter cold while I fetched a crop he knows and dreads. I thrashed him, stroke after agonising stroke, then left him to ponder his shortcomings while I had a cup of tea. When I returned he pleaded with me not to beat him any more but I caned him savagely for making me look weak to my friends, then sent him back to work. Soon after I found him slacking and had no choice but to give him the caning of his life. Luckily for him my dear friend arrived for some eggs and I had to stop but soon found him pretending to work when I’d had the job done by others. I REALLY gave him a caning for that and reduced him to tears before locking him in the loose box overnight. He’ll learn!
25 August
8:24 minutes
Miss Akroyd and I were commiserating about our serious defeat on the polo field when in stormed our manager, furious with our attitude, but mainly with our over-enthusiastic use of the whip. When Miss Akroyd said the horses needed it he told her we needed it and that he ought to give us like for like, a little lick or two of the whip. He wouldn’t accept an apology and led us out to the yard. He picked up a brutal-looking short, fat whip and, singling me out as the worst offender made me lean against the wall and take 6 agonising lashes. Then it was Miss Akroyd’s turn but he took the lunging whip to her, jodhpurs down. I pulled my friend’s panties down as I was getting twice as many strokes. She could hardly bear it, so severely did he beat her. Then it was my turn. Down came my tight jodhpurs and black panties and I leaned against the wall with my red bottom framed by black suspenders. I got 6 too and he really made them hurt, being in a foul mood with us. I just managed to take them. “Lesson learned” he said. HUH!
18 August
22:29 minutes
Roy needs a more dominant approach at times so I took him to my friend’s secluded dungeon. I led him in on a chain and collar and fastened him to the St Andrews Cross. I took my leather flogger to his bare bottom HARD. Before long he was shaking and scared. I was just starting. I took a short rubber paddle to him until he yelped and answered back. For that he got the strap he dreads most, an evil stiff rubber two-tail tawse. The very first stroke made him gasp and I knew I was getting to him. After that I reached for my special spanking crop with large leather flaps. He was clenching his bottom cheeks and breathing hard. When I finished the 12 hard strokes he was a quivering wreck. Still I wasn't finished! I now took my brutal 5-tail whip to his bottom. He REALLY got on my nerves and tried to humour me by saying it stung a bit. Foolish boy! I lashed his aching bottom really hard before making him admit to being a ridiculous, pathetic little cretin. He thought I'd finished but I wiped the grin off his face with his most feared strap. Then put on the leather collar and chain and took him out. "Who owns you boy? - you do Miss" - Damned right I do!
11 August
5:54 minutes
Steve likes girls dressed in white so he wasn’t pleased when I wore a dogtooth check buttoned pencil skirt and tight black sweater. I told him to get lost so he grabbed me and before I knew it I was over his knee and he was spanking my bottom hard. I bravely said it didn’t hurt but it soon did. I had a choice. Skirt off or a hard spanking. I thought just pulling it up would please him but I went straight back over his knee. Had I learned my lesson, he wanted to know. “NO!” I retorted. His hand was hurting because he was spanking me so hard and he wanted to paddle my rear, but he settled for pulling down my flimsy panties and giving me a roasting on my poor, defenceless girlie bottom. I still wouldn’t put a white dress on for him so he just spanked and spanked and spanked me. I had to submit in the end and he sent me to his room to find a white dress. White dress, crimson bottom.
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