Whilst some sites play at corporal punishment we all have a real and genuine passion for it. There's nothing better than going to bed with a hot glow to warm up those cold nights or the buzz that comes from pleasure out of pain...

24 February
25:21 minutes

Mr Wakefield can’t understand why Jen has gone from being a model pupil to one of the most badly behaved in school. Jen just smirks, occasionally coming out with pathetic insincere excuses about her behaviour. She knows punishment is inevitable, as he pulls her over his knee and spanks her bottom. At first Jen just laughs. He spanks her harder and she isn’t laughing after that! He tells her to stand in the corner with her hands on her head and she obeys quietly until Sir asks her to bend over her desk. He appears with a heavy brown leather strap and belts her naughty behind. He pulls out a rounded crop and whacks her hard. After another stint in the corner, Sir bends her over the desk again and beats her once more. She takes it with dignity and apologises. When he confronts her with other misdemeanours he uses the crop. Then it's the wooden spoon. Next, he gives her plenty of strokes of the cane. Mr Wakefield isn’t satisfied that she has learned her lesson. He takes her to the gym. Bent over the vaulting horse he gives her a dozen sharp strokes. Mr Wakefield is strict!

17 February
19:40 minutes

It’s time for Tracey to visit her Therapist again. Last time he tried Spanking Therapy and this time he plans to use the cane. No way! Tracey turns the tables and tells the Therapist exactly how this session is going to be. He argues but she takes no notice and starts laughing manically. She tells him he shouldn’t argue with a mental patient! Tracey does exactly what the Therapist did last week and puts him over her knee for a hard hand spanking. Tracey is just LOVING this power reversal. It is relentless. Eventually Tracey decides she fancies a change and bends her Therapist over the desk, just like he did with her, and spanks him hard and fast again until his bottom has a rosy hue. Tracey grabs the cane which was laying on the desk, just begging to be used. Tracey has never used a cane before but doesn’t seem to have any trouble when she starts! The Therapist screams out and yells, but guess how that affects Tracey? She smiles a sexy and sadistic smile as she rains the strokes down on this already red behind. Her inner Domme is unleashed and she loves it!

10 February
16:04 minutes

Tracey is in the Therapist’s office telling him she has done some bad things in her past. He asks how her parents disciplined her and it transpires she has never known any boundaries during her upbringing. The Therapist has an idea... that she forgive herself for her past misdemeanors by taking part in Spanking Therapy. Tracey reluctantly agrees and wants to get better. He starts with a hand spanking. Tracey takes it well but is unsure if this approach will work. It seems she has been so naughty in the past, she has quite a long way to go! Now bent over the desk he thrashes her bare behind with a round ended black leather queen crop. She cries out loudly, grabbing the edge of the desk for support. Her bottom is bright pink and her breathing shallow. That was quite an ordeal! He stops and tells her to take a few deep breaths in preparation for the next round of strokes before proceeding to beat her bottom once more. Again she screams and looks deflated by the time it is over. Sitting back down, the Therapist arranges the next session with him. I wonder what THAT will entail?

3 February
9:45 minutes

Amanda turns up to see Mr Johnson about her behaviour wearing a bright pink satin tie and non regulation stockings. He barely gets a word in before she starts being cheeky. She really is out of control! He immediately drags her over his knee and slaps her bottom as hard as he can. She’s taken spankings like this many times. He bends her over the wooden school desk, removing her white plimsoll and beats her on the bare bottom. A thick heavy cane follows. This hurts her so much that she hops about in pain. It hasn’t stopped her mouth though with cheeky comments between strokes. Mr Johnson is going to have to work hard in order to tame this young scallywag... He tells Amanda to stick out her bottom and thwacks her one more time. The cheekiness continues, so after a little spell with her hands on her head, Mr Johnson tells her that she needs more punishment. He pulls her over his knee once again and starts thrashing her with his hand. This time she squeals and apologises, which is a welcome change. Finally we have a quiet and subordinate Amanda!

27 January
22:02 minutes

Keith is strapped to a vaulting horse in a strange room. A strict looking lady enters and says she is Commander Amanda – Senior Re-education Officer for The Ministry Of The New Truth. It appears Keith is actually in Room 101. Keith is asked to cast his mind back to being a young boy when his Mother used to spank and cane him. These memories are painful and terrifying for Keith, but his punishment for compromising the Ministry for sharing sensitive information is to re-live all these terrifying past nightmares. His first punishment is a long hand spanking. Then it's a hundred strokes of the pink handled cane. Keith tries to keep quiet but says he is having trouble breathing. This has no impact and carries on caning him regardless. Her strokes become harder and she doesn’t seem to care where she lands the cane. She picks up a longer, whippy cane to beat him. Her face is stern and cold and she cares not for his whining. The pain of Amanda’s strokes makes his breathing shallow. Amanda tells Keith that the final ten strokes will be the very hardest and she removes her shoes in preparation…

20 January
7:37 minutes

Miss Lee is sitting on a stool in her living room reading a magazine, long stocking clad legs crossed. She appears surprised when an unknown man walks into her home. It turns out that Mr Johnson is a Private Investigator and Miss Lee’s husband has employed him to find out who Miss Lee is having an affair with. He is armed with a bunch of very incriminating photographs. She panics and asks him if there’s anything she can do to put him off the scent. “There is one way out of this... your husband is paying me £5000 to catch you out”. Miss Lee doesn’t have that kind of money, so Mr Johnson strikes up a deal with her. He pulls her over his knee and spanks her bare bottom, very hard and very fast. Her long legs look delectable, stretched out as she is laid across Mr Johnson’s knee. £5000 is a lot of money, so Mr Johnson wants to get in the equivalent in spanks! He isn’t letting Miss Lee off lightly at all! He tells her to stand up and bend over the chair with her bare bottom facing him; and starts thwacking her with his Queen crop until she moans and groans.

13 January
15:53 minutes

Nurse Lee checks Mr Johnson’s heart and hears it going ridiculously fast. She calls Doctor Akroyd, who smells a rat. It appears Nurse Lee has given him the wrong medication! He’s a dithery cantankerous old man, so this was never going to be a good outcome for these ladies! He insists the Doctor punish Nurse Lee by giving her a good spanking promising not to take this unfortunate incident any further. Nurse Lee reluctantly bends over and Dr Akroyd pulls up her lab coat, down comes her skirt and little black panties and she slaps her bottom hard. Then she takes a hairbrush to her, trying to appease the mischievous old man. Mr Johnson has had enough of this ridiculous carry on and climbs out of bed, sits and drags Doctor Akroyd over his knee. Down come her pants and he gives her a really good, hard spanking. He no longer appears to be ill and makes both women bend over on all fours, pulls Akroyd’s shoe off and slippers both girls good and hard with it, making them count. The staff members become more subordinate with each stroke and finally show some signs of remorse.

6 January
3:38 minutes

Bonnie rolls in, hours late, and completely drunk only to find her Uncle waiting for her in the lounge. She’s all dressed up and wobbling all over the place and clearly disrespectful of her Uncle’s authority. Uncle Peter pulls Bonnie over his lap, pulls down her lacy black knickers and gives her a hard over the knee hand spanking. Her stockinged legs are kicking in protest, but Uncle Peter doesn’t relent. Bonnie knows better than to argue with her strict Uncle, so she stays silent in the hope that the punishment will soon end. This is a short video especially for those of you who just love to see an exclusive, plain and simple OTK spanking. Enjoy!

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