Would you like to take part?

I am always looking for male Subs or Doms to film for

Here's how it works:

The time and scenarios are tailored around what content the site needs - clothing changes, camera and lights, set up etc and are filmed by me (Miss Monroe) at studios across the UK. For male participants, we ask that you pay £100 towards studio costs. This fee is non-refundable and has become necessary because of previous timewasters resulting in unrecoverable hire charges. Shoots take two hours approximately. All our filming is carried out in a relaxed environment, is good natured and enjoyable. There won't be a big camera crew or anything like that but occasionally someone else may be on hand to help me with lighting and the camcorder etc.

Please only apply if you have experience of being in a Dom(me)/Sub role. I do not accept applications for filming from complete spanking novices.
There are no scripts, all dialogue is ad lib as I feel that this gives a more natural feel to the scenes.
You will need to sign a Model release form which entitles me to use the clips on this website and I will need a copy of your ID for legal reasons. All data is kept securely and in the strictest of confidence, complying with the Data Protection Act.
In return for your services you will receive a copy of each edited clip that you can NOT publish in any way; and you'll receive free membership to the member area and have access to all of my films etc for free for a whole year.
To be considered for a part please get in touch with me using the form below...




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