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Before you can join, you must read and agree to these terms and conditions. By joining this site, you accept that you have agreed to be legally bound by these terms and conditions.

1. Definition
Member means a subscriber or user of a valid username and password (user-id) purchased by the subscriber to access the materials available in the protected member only area of this site during the term of membership selected.

2. Authorization of Use
Subscribers to the site are granted a single license to download the material found on the site for personal use only. Subscribers may not under any circumstances release their user-id to any other person or entity and are required to keep his or her user-id strictly confidential. In addition, all material is copyrighted and may not be published or reproduced in any way or in any form outside of the subscribers own personal computer devices. As such, none of the material may be posted to anywhere including, but not limited to, usenet newsgroups, bulletin boards, blogs or any community-based social networks.

3. Subscription Misuse
Unauthorized access to the site and/or misuse of the material available is a breach of this Agreement and a violation of law. Subscribers acknowledge that the Webmaster of the site may track, through the use of special software, each subscriber's entry to the site. If any breach of security, theft or loss of user-id, or unauthorized disclosure of user-id occurs the subscriber will remain liable for unauthorized use of service unless notified to us by the subscriber.

4. Misuse of Protected Materials
Any subscriber found using the materials provided in an unauthorised way will not only forfeit their access rights (and thus their licence) to the website and its materials with no refunds, but we may also pursue the subscriber in order to take legal action to recoup losses under copyright protection legislation or any other appropriate legislation.

5. Access Rights
This license is granted for sole use via one computer or similar device only in a fixed location or with a fixed IP address. Attempts to access the member area outside of these restrictions may result in suspension. If you find you have been suspended, please contact us immediately where we will reinstate your account, subject to an investigation into access violations. Where violations occur on two occasions without reasonable explanation the account will remain permanently suspended during the remainder of the subscription period and no refunds will be given.

6. Commercial Use
None of the materials found on this site shall be used for any commercial purposes or by any commercial entities. Commercial use is strictly prohibited. In addition, materials may not be modified or altered, displayed publicly or used for any rental, sale or display. Materials shall extend to copyright and trademarks. The site reserves the right to terminate this license at any time if the terms of this agreement are breached and you will be required to immediately destroy any information or material printed, downloaded or otherwise copied from the site.

7. Billing
This site uses an external billing company to process transactions on our behalf. Any issues, problems or information relating to your transaction should be taken up with the billing company directly. This includes cancellation of subscriptions. You can find out more from the confirmation email sent to you by the billing company following the transaction.

8. Subscription
Fees for membership are paid in advance for the period selected. Cancellations merely stop the rebilling process. If selected by you at the time of initial subscription, fees may be automatically renewed at the end of the original term selected, for a similar period of time, unless you specifically cancel the automatic renewal.

9. Adult Imagery
By purchasing a subscription you, the subscriber, confirm that you have intentionally purchased a membership to the restricted area of the site for the time period you selected. You also agree that you are taking complete and total responsibility for your actions in joining the site and will not take any legal action against the webmaster/host(s), or any other connected parties, based on your decision to join the site. In addition, you confirm that you are not being forced by anyone to join the member area against your will and that you understand the laws of your community regarding adult material and are not breaking such laws by entering the site. You also confirm that you may be exposed to materials that may include, but are not limited to, visual images, audio sounds, and verbal descriptions of an adult nature and confirm that you do so for your own enjoyment, information and entertainment and are not offended by such materials. You also acknowledge that you will offer reasonable protection from and access by minors and unwilling adults from the materials on this site.

10. Privacy Policy
No personal details relating to your credit card are stored on our server or held by us nor are they ever made available to us by the billing company (please see our payment processor's Privacy Policy concerning their collected information). We respect your right to privacy and will do everything we can to protect that right. Member details, such as names or email addresses will never be sold, rented or distributed to any third party or to any other members of the site and may only be used for the purposes of administrating the website and to communicate with you. Certain non-personal information may be collected from you including, but not limited to, your browser type, operating system, IP address, and the domain name from which you accessed the site. We do not track any information about you once you leave our site. We may use cookies to collect this information. You are always free to decline cookies, but in doing so you may not be able to use certain features on the site.

11. Service
We do not guarantee 100% uptime and offer no assurances of uninterrupted or error-free service due to, but not limited to, server and maintenance issues. However, we will do our best to provide the maximum level of stability and accessibility possible. There may also be times of peak demand or maintenance where service may appear slow. These are unavoidable and recommend you return to the member area after a period of time.

12. Content
Content is provided as is without any guarantees as to the amount of material available nor do we warrant the accuracy or completeness of the material, text, graphics, links or any other items contained on this site. We may, at any time and at our discretion, change any of the material found on this site without notice. We make no commitment to update or add to the materials stored on this site, including the member area, and reserve the right to change any update policy as said within its tour pages without prior notice. Under no circumstances shall we be liable for any damages, be it consequential, incidental or punitive, arising from the use of or the inability to use the material available on this site. Any reference to High Definition/HD means that video content is filmed on HD camcorders and is not an indication of screen resolution/size. You are responsible for ensuring you have the correct software available to you to view the content provided.

13. Links
Links given on this site that take you to sites controlled by third parties are not under the control of this site and, as such, we are not responsible for the contents of any of these linked sites. We do undertake a cursory check of each new link added, but cannot warrant that their content will not change following that initial check for suitability.

14. Customer Support
For any issues you may have with accessing the material provided you must, in the first instance, refer to the Customer Support page provided, of which a link appears at the foot of each web page.

15. Alteration of these Terms
We reserve the right to adjust these Terms and Conditions from time to time without giving you notice. Please check this page regularly for any changes.

Any questions regarding these terms and conditions must be directed to us via the CONTACT FORM


Understanding Copyright & Intellectual Property
Copyright laws provide for statutory penalties running into thousands of Pounds/Dollars/Euros (sometimes hundreds of thousands) per violation for theft of images/video or any other copyrighted works relating to this web site, including design images, text, descriptions and so forth.
There is a lot of confusion about what copyright is. Below we set out some of the myths and what copyright actually means...
Popular Myths
We, the website owners/operators, have to prove that you (the viewer/customer) have stolen something. WRONG. That statement may be true for most things but in the world of "copyright infringement" you have to prove that you DIDN'T. For example, if someone sees one of our images used on your website/computer or a downloaded print and we can prove that it is, indeed, our image and that we own the copyright on it (by simply being able to produce the original image itself), we can make a demand that you prove that you have legally acquired the right to use that image either by a paid invoice or written permission from the copyright holder or their representatives. If you can't prove it you're in trouble.
I could simply remove or mask the watermarks on images or videos. WRONG. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 makes it a criminal offense to remove watermarks meant to protect copyright. Many don't realise that, under copyright law, it is specifically illegal to remove a watermark from an image or video. Not only is the act of removal prohibited, it is assumed that the very attempt to remove or mask a digital copyright indicates a willful intent to violate copyright. And that's something the courts come down really hard on.
I have bought the content from your site so I can do what I like with it. VERY WRONG. Any membership you purchase merely grants you a licence to download the material for YOUR OWN PERSONAL USE. Any other use of the material, whether showing it to others, sending it by email, re-posting it, printing it (and anything else you can think of) is expressly forbidden and is a violation of copyright.
What is Intellectual Property
"Intellectual property" refers to original creations in the fields of literature and the arts. Most countries in the world provide automatic copyright protection to any item of intellectual property at the instant the item is created. At the instant a photo is taken or a video filmed, it automatically becomes the "intellectual property" of the photographer/videographer who took it. It makes no difference what the subject is or why the photograph was taken.
What is Copyright Infringement
Legally, the person who holds the copyright to an image/video etc has the absolute right to control how you use that material or to deny the right to use that material. Any unauthorized usage is an "infringement" of copyright. This includes using the picture or video or part of a video for "reference" in a derivative work. It also includes use of material beyond that which has been legitimately purchased. For example, offering images for resale or for public viewing without first obtaining a license would be an infringement of copyright.
Many don't realize just how all-encompassing a copyright is. For example, there's a common misconception that any image appearing on a website may be downloaded and "saved" to a computer. This is not the case. The very act of saving a copyrighted image to your computer regardless of whether you ever do anything else with the image or not constitutes a copyright infringement, minor maybe, but done all the time and still an infringement nonetheless.
Why are the penalties so severe?
Copyright laws exist to encourage people to be creative by giving them the right to control and benefit from the products of that creativity. Because it's so easy these days for one person to "steal" the creative output of somebody else, lawmakers have recognized that for copyright laws to be effective, the penalties must be severe.


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