Whilst some sites play at corporal punishment we all have a real and genuine passion for it. There's nothing better than going to bed with a hot glow to warm up those cold nights or the buzz that comes from pleasure out of pain...

5:18 minutes
In rolls Amanda yet again to answer to the Head Teacher. This time she has upset every one of her teachers in one day. She has already been spanked today and her bottom is visibly sore and bruised. There are red marks all over her backside and as the Headmaster forcibly bends her over the table and spanks her once more, she squeals and jumps about, protesting loudly. She is one angry little madam, but that doesn’t deter the Head as he smacks her with the leather strap. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, he pulls out the martinet, which he has fashioned himself from three thin canes and some tape. (And a strip of pink tape to match her pink bottom!) This HURTS! Even the lightest little taps hurt, which just goes to show how brutal the Headmaster can be when he is angry.
29:06 minutes
Paul is a journalist sent to interview a Dominatrix called Amanda at her dungeon for a TV documentary. He is a bit arrogant and a chauvinist pig, but appears strangely nervous in front of Miss Akroyd. He arrives with his camera-woman and Amanda begins to explain exactly how she conducts her unusual job. Dressed in shiny black PVC, brandishing a dragon cane Paul is intrigued and forgets to take notes! Miss Akroyd can sense he is taking liberties and decides he would get a far better idea of her job if he were to participate! She starts his education by asking him to remove his trousers and bend over her knee for a spanking. This progresses into a slippering! She shows him various implements and how she uses them on her clients. Then starts to thwack him on his bare bottom with the plimsoll. The camera woman tells Amanda Paul is a chauvinist in the office and asks Amanda to get him back for this behaviour. Amanda is only too happy to oblige. He pulls down his trousers as instructed. Amanda takes the wooden handled leather strap and gives him a thorough strapping. She whacks his bare, red bottom harder than before and Paul is finally quiet with fear. Lastly comes the cane. The camera woman wants to hear him squeal and Amanda doesn’t need much egging on!
24:16 minutes
Mr. Wakefield has summoned Miss D’arcy to his office because of a number of complaints from her teachers. He gets straight to the point and gives her the option of being caned or being expelled. Imogen squeals as the Head pulls her over his knee and commences his no nonsense, hard hand spanking whilst he reels off her bad behaviours. He bends Imogen over his desk and canes her a few times and she gasps in shock. He then pulls out a big leather reinforced crop and works her bottom with it in a way she will never forget. Making her remove her skirt, he takes her to the main classroom where he reads her misdemeanors from the blackboard. He bends her over the desk and thrashes her hard with his stripy crop. To drive the message home he canes her. Lord only knows how she is able to withstand these strokes as she winces each time it lands on her bare bottom. She is embarrassed, humiliated, in pain and ever so slightly still defiant. The Head orders her to follow him and they return carrying the vaulting horse. He sets about marking her bottom with his leather crop and shows her no mercy. Down come her knickers! The crop lands on her bottom again and again...
22:59 minutes
Amanda is booked for a modelling shoot with a photographer she hasn’t worked with before. It’s a fun fetish shoot wearing a vest with the slogan: P.M.S = Punish Men Severely. She is having a great time posing with a few spanking implements but gets a strange instinctive feeling. She asks if she can look at the viewfinder to see what they have created so far. The Photographer clearly doesn’t want to show her and it soon becomes evident why... there is no film in the camera! Amanda isn’t the naïve airhead the Photographer assumed she was. With everything she needs already to hand to punish him severely she pulls up a stool and begins with a plimsoll. Amanda is excited about working through the implements the phoney Photographer has brought and has a knack for punishment! Amanda next paddles his bottom over and over. The Photographer knows he is in serious trouble here. He complies with her questioning and accepts his punishment. Amanda enjoys tormenting him, strutting around in her little hotpants, swinging the tawse around before landing it on his bare bottom. She threatens him by saying she may take a few photographs of her own. I don’t think this guy will try this stunt with any other girls in a hurry!
24:28 minutes
Amanda has been acting up again and Grandad has a plan of action being the strict disciplinarian he is. He loves her dearly and can’t abide his beloved Grandaughter falling into bad ways. Amanda is to report to him at allotted times and receive a spanking in the style of his choice. The objective being to turn her into a well behaved young lady. There’s no time like the present! Amanda squeals in shock at Grandad’s mega-fast hand spanking. He slows down a little but warns her she is still to receive a hundred. Amanda’s bottom is now the colour of her suspender belt! She knows this is for her own good but didn’t expect it to feel like this! Just when she thought it over, Grandad drops the bombshell that she is to receive twenty VERY hard ones whilst laying on the bed. She stands up to inspect her bottom and is shocked to see such redness and bruising. Then Grandad instructs Amanda to bend over the foot of the bed so that she can receive twenty with the round ended leather crop. She gasps and jumps her way through the strokes, saying that her legs are shaking. “This will stop me sitting down to do my homework!” she exclaims, but Grandad wasn’t born yesterday and such statements wont get her out of this punishment!
10:55 minutes
Miss Brook is plumping her sofa cushions when her neighbour Mr Jones walks into her house without knocking. His son has been causing trouble in the area again. He has come to apologise but Miss Brook can clearly see that he gets his unruliness from his father. She asks if he knows what discipline is and threatens to call the Police... or she could show him what she means by discipline by demonstrating it on him. He complains, but she is such a dominant woman. She proceeds to spank him hard, just as he should’ve spanked his son years ago. Mr Jones grits his teeth and thinks it's over. “Oh no! I’m not finished yet, this is just to warm your bottom up”. She used to spank her boy with the fly swat... and that she will be using it in this disciplinary lesson! She starts flicking it over his bottom, hard and fast, checking with him all the while that he is feeling it as he grits his teeth in pain. Who would’ve thought that such a small, light tool could hurt so much? Mr Jones can hardly bear it, so he’s relieved when Miss Brook breaks it over his bottom! She goes to the kitchen to fetch a wooden spatula. This is sure not to break, but it may just break her poor neighbour...
17:10 minutes
Mr Johnson summons Alice Lee to the classroom for mis-behaving. He notices she is wearing the incorrect uniform, as always, and instructs her to stand against the wall with hands on her head whilst he gives her a dressing down. He then instructs her to bend over his knee. He tells her that if she had worn regulation shoes she would have no problem. Lesson learned! He spanks her bottom hard then tells her to get up and face the wall whilst he goes to fetch his black leather paddle. Miss Lee is yelping as Mr Johnson slaps her bottom hard with his hand. He instructs her to write on the blackboard: ‘I must learn to act like a lady’ over and over again. The cane is hanging over the edge of the board as a cruel reminder of what is to follow. First comes the plimsoll. He slippers her as she counts. He then takes the cane in his hand. He swooshes the cane through the air and Alice jumps with apprehension. After a couple of strokes Alice loses her focus. She says the pain is stopping her remembering to count. He only gives her eight strokes because he’s in a kind mood, but warns Alice that if she doesn’t learn to behave, she will receive many more in future. Another good hand spanking finishes her off.
16:46 minutes
Mr Jones has booked an appointment with his son’s maths teacher because she spanked him whilst at school and the boy went home in distress. Mr Jones argues with Miss Akroyd that spanking in school is no longer allowed. Then again, neither is misbehaving in class, she tells him. They have a heated argument about the whole situation without reaching a conclusion. So Mr Jones challenges her to receive a spanking akin to the one she gave his son. Never one to back down from a challenge, Miss Akroyd agrees. The punishment begins with a bare bottomed over the knee hand spanking. Miss Akroyd can take a spanking but it did sting! She becomes increasingly annoyed. She is not used to being out of control, and Mr Jones is thoroughly enjoying his power trip. He tells Miss Akroyd that in his day, teachers would slipper naughty pupils with a plimsoll. He teases her with this threat for a while, then eventually he lets loose with a plimsoll on Miss Akroyd’s already sore backside! The main objective of this exercise for him is to force an admission from Miss Akroyd that spanking in schools is, indeed, wrong. He has a long way to go before getting anything of the sort from such an opinionated woman.
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