Whilst some sites play at corporal punishment we all have a real and genuine passion for it. There's nothing better than going to bed with a hot glow to warm up those cold nights or the buzz that comes from pleasure out of pain...

14 June
5:04 minutes
After I had given this naughty boy a sound punishment we switched and it was his turn. He made me pull up my black taffeta Governess dress and lie across his knee for a long, hard spanking. I told him I’d try to take my punishment as well as he had. “You spank quite hard for a wee one” he said then continued to spank me with my knickers pulled down to my knees. “I want to take your bottom home with me” he said and he was really impressed with my shapely rear. As, indeed, he should be. “I think I deserve the cane now Sir” I bravely told him and he was only too pleased to oblige. I bent over the horse and he laid the cane on firmly, making me take a sharp intake of breath with each stroke. He gave me 6 and they hurt but I asked for a few more before we finished. I had some livid marks after this, believe me.
8 June
14:04 minutes
At the interview for PA to the Managing Director he told Danni and I we were both suitable, each with different skills. However he said he had an old-fashioned way of working and believed in discipline and over-the-knee spankings. I seemed odd but Danni immediately said she could take it so I had to agree. She went first and didn’t expect it to be so hard, then it was my turn. I was reluctant but he dragged me over his lap. It wasn’t too bad at the start but got worse. He still couldn’t decide so demanded a spanking contest to see who could take the most. We would kneel on the couch, pants down, for 6 of the best, alternately until one of us gave in. Danielle went first. He used a leather slipper applying it firmly to Danielle’s exposed bottom. She whimpered but took it. Then it was my turn. I was determined, despite my squeals. No decision so he moved to round 2 and now he swapped the slipper for a leather paddle. Danni said it stung like mad. I hesitated but carried on. I’m sure he paddled me harder. Danni then offered me the job so I could be spanked every day, then she left. The boss thought more spanking was needed and I got it over his knee. “9 o’clock Monday?” he asked. What on earth have I let myself in for?
1 June
5:03 minutes
We had just finished a 3 hour session but despite a severe caning Peter thought he'd escaped fairly lightly. I couldn't resist. You know how I love to give a caning, the harder, more brutal and sadistic the better. "Pick a cane" I told him. I wasn't even going to film this but he gave Miss Akroyd a wink and she grabbed the camera. Wearing a genuine 1950's satin bustier and vintage satin french knickers, black stockings and high heels he bent over the horse and I began..... After a few hard strokes I changed to my favourite cane, it's more vicious! I made him count. He knew I wouldn't stop at 6, possibly 12. 24? No, 36? Still caning, ever harder! Every brutal stroke was agony for him but he knew he had to take whatever I gave him. This may have been an "extra-curricular caning" but I'm ALWAYS in charge! You can just hear Miss Akroyd's concern for Peter as I lashed his backside relentlessly and she is no stranger to giving SAVAGE canings. Now past 48. God, I was enjoying this. This wasn't a caning, this was a THRASHING. Endorphins were giving us both a buzz. Sadistic? Fun? You decide. We both looked pleased with ourselves at the end, though.
25 May
10:19 minutes
Jayne is a very beautiful magazine Model, working for Monroe's agency. Martin, her P.A is the one responsible for checking that the Models get the best contracts possible; and is often called upon to keep the girls in check. It turns out that Jayne is getting lazy with her assignments; and isn't turning up on time to the important shoots. She is called into Head Office for a disciplinary of sorts. It seems the only thing to do to show Jayne how to behave is to give her a proper hand spanking, over the knee; followed by the strap! Not only has Model Jayne been showing up late to her shoots; but she has been shopping for new lingerie during shoot time! Martin humiliates her by asking to see this new lingerie; and the only thing for it is another OTK hand spanking on top of the smooth satin encasing Jayne's bottom. Just to make sure that the message is hitting home, Martin gives her another couple of strokes with the short; but stingy brown leather strap.
18 May
21:32 minutes
When Miss Akroyd called Donald to her office for discipline it was clear she was looking forward to it. I joined her and we both put on our punishment pinnies. I made him stand up while I took a plimsoll from Miss Akroyd’s desk drawer, then a slipper, before offering her the choice of weapon. She took the slipper so I had the heavy plimsoll to blister his bottom. We stood on each side of him and Miss Akroyd was using a vicious backhand swing. He was crying in moments. How he wailed as we slippered him in unison. He blubbered and begged for mercy so we gave him some rapid hard strokes and sent him to the corner. My phone rang and I put Donald on videocall to humiliate him, then took a riding whip to his bare bottom. We’d give him 6 strokes each. Before long his bottom was getting very striped. It was clearly hurting him but I showed no mercy. He snivelled and blubbered so I gave the whip to Miss Akroyd and asked her to carry on. She was disappointed she could only give him 6 but she lashed his backside, raising some livid weals across his bottom that show up well in the close-up. Then we set him 650 lines to do and ordered him out of the room.
11 May
8:20 minutes
Why do I always get caught smoking? I'm convinced Sir makes sure he only catches me so he can cane my bare bottom. I reported to his study but was late! He put me over his knee and raised my skirt so the spanking would really hurt, then he pulled down my hose and kept spanking my hot bottom. This was just for being late. Down came my panties. I tried to lie my way out of the caning but it was no use. He was going to give me 12 agonising strokes of his favourite cane! First I had to stand in front of his desk with my hands on my head and my skirt tucked up to show my stinging red bottom. He reached for the strap and made me hold out my hands and strapped them alternately despite my crying out in pain. Now it was the cane for smoking. I didn’t know if I could take 12 strokes but he wasn’t going to relent. He laid on the cane and made me kick my legs up with each burning stroke. I managed to take the first 6 then asked him if I could go.....but he wasn’t fooled and carried on, harder and harder. He nearly started again at 8 and swished his cane a couple of times to scare me. It worked, too! The last 3 were savage and I only just managed to get out before I burst into tears.
4 May
3:40 minutes
This young man had really made me cross and was going to get a tanning. “Take your pants off” I demanded, put him over my knee and gave him such a spanking. “This is payback, you are going to regret what you did.” I reached for my slipper and used it just as hard as I could, I was so angry. Then I let him have it with the dreaded hairbrush. That hurt! I reverted to the slipper and by now I was having trouble keeping him down, he made such a fuss. “Take it like a man!” I insisted. I hand spanked him some more but reverted to my very effective slipper. This is what he needed. Now this is how I like to get the full co-operation of a man!
27 April
5:58 minutes
I was in trouble now. I was pulled over his knee and spanked over my dress. “This serves me right for being naughty at the weekend” I told him. Up came my dress and he spanked me continuously over my knickers, my stocking tops and suspenders in full view. Before long he pulled down my knickers too. I pleaded that I was sensitive but on and on he spanked, my bottom getting redder and starting to bruise. “Nice and warm?” he asked. “Yes, SCORCHED” I replied. By now his hand was hurting so he told me to fetch the gymshoe. OUCH! That really stung. He let me up for a rub but hadn’t finished yet and took a leather soled slipper to my poor bottom. What a crack that make when it hit my rear. I was struggling now and cried out. “That enough?” he asked. “YES!” was my honest reply. Phew!
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