Whilst some sites play at corporal punishment we all have a real and genuine passion for it. There's nothing better than going to bed with a hot glow to warm up those cold nights or the buzz that comes from pleasure out of pain...

13:09 minutes
A contract has been lost and Mr Lee is furious. Amanda is apologetic, she’s just very forgetful. This has happened before and he had told her that if it happened again she will be punished accordingly. Reluctantly, Amanda shuffles round to Mr Lee and bends over his knee. He spanks her for a short while then asks her to pull her tight fitting pencil skirt up to expose her nylons and her lace panties. He pulls down her underwear and spanks her again. Amanda is stinging from the slaps! She tries to butter him up saying what a good boss he is. Mr Lee isn’t stupid and just tells her to stand up and bend over the chair. He takes out a menacing looking black leather paddle from his desk drawer and spanks her as she counts the whacks. Miss Akroyd gasps, jumps with each strike and cries out after twenty four strokes. She rubs her bottom for relief. It’s not over yet! Amanda begs Mr Lee to be gentle, but he doesn’t listen and straps her with the wooden handled brown leather strap. A hard hand spanking OTK rounds things off along with a promise from Miss Akroyd that she will not let the company down again. If she does, she knows all too well what will happen.
17:30 minutes
Alice complains to her Boss that Amanda the secretary failed to send the end of week paperwork off in time, so no one got paid. Mr Johnson summons Amanda to the office. A sheepish Amanda apologises profusely, but Alice says it just isn’t good enough. Amanda is terrified of losing her job, but he offers her an appealing alternative... “What about if Alice spanks you?” Alice looks as shocked as Amanda because she has never spanked anyone in her life but takes up the offer to get her revenge. Mr Johnson instructs her how to pull Amanda over her knee and spank her properly. Alice takes to it easily and enjoys this position of power! Amanda doesn’t and squeals throughout! For every complaint Alice spanks harder and smiles. Mr Johnson steps in mid way to silence Amanda with his own hand! Alice finally lets Amanda stand up, but only because he wants to show her how to punish Amanda’s bottom with the riding crop he keeps in his office. He instructs Alice to give Amanda twelve strokes of the crop and she duly complies. Alice is quite the confident spanker and this won't be the last time she does this! Next comes a slippering! He demonstrates exactly how it should be done before passing the plimsoll to Alice for her turn...
11:35 minutes
Amanda is sweeping up when she hears a knock to find Mr Johnson from the clothing catalogue at the door. She has fallen on hard times, but her shopping habit has got out of hand. She cannot afford to pay money he is asking for but he maintains that she must be reprimanded somehow. He proposes she receives a good spanking instead of paying. She reluctantly agrees and signs on the dotted line. Mr Johnson immediately takes Amanda over his knee, pulls up her dress and spanks her hard. He then takes her into the bedroom and tells her to lift up her dress and bend over. He begins slippering her round bum cheeks as she yells out. He is clearly enjoying making Amanda submit to him! He finishes, but she begins being rude to him again, so he throws her back onto the bed, yanks down her underwear again and this time hits her hard with his bare hand. It’s going to take more than that to keep Amanda properly quiet. He goes to find a hard wooden hairbrush. Amanda is told to count as the brush lands over and over again on her red buttocks. Amanda is taking it well, but it’s obvious she is gritting her teeth and feeling angry. Mr. Johnson soon sorts out this little problem by spanking her again, leaving her shocked. 
6:42 minutes
Paul is asleep in his chair at home. Miss Brook and he are married and they share their equestrian business as well as the stable duties. Miss Brook is furious because Paul had forgotten to book the Farrier and she had been waiting up at the stables for the horses to be shod. Paul doesn’t seem too concerned at all. He thinks that his wife treats him like one of their ‘normal’ employees and tells her as much. Miss Brook isn’t having any of his backchat and briskly throws Paul over her knee, giving him a good, hard spanking. His protestations do no good – she is absolutely fuming! The crop may do some good, she suspects. Standing in her tight jodphurs, she brandishes the crop like an expert rider... and an expert Domme! Miss Brook flicks the crop hard across Paul’s bottom until he gets the message. I don’t think he’ll be forgetting to phone anyone from now on!
5:18 minutes
In rolls Amanda yet again to answer to the Head Teacher. This time she has upset every one of her teachers in one day. She has already been spanked today and her bottom is visibly sore and bruised. There are red marks all over her backside and as the Headmaster forcibly bends her over the table and spanks her once more, she squeals and jumps about, protesting loudly. She is one angry little madam, but that doesn’t deter the Head as he smacks her with the leather strap. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, he pulls out the martinet, which he has fashioned himself from three thin canes and some tape. (And a strip of pink tape to match her pink bottom!) This HURTS! Even the lightest little taps hurt, which just goes to show how brutal the Headmaster can be when he is angry.
29:06 minutes
Paul is a journalist sent to interview a Dominatrix called Amanda at her dungeon for a TV documentary. He is a bit arrogant and a chauvinist pig, but appears strangely nervous in front of Miss Akroyd. He arrives with his camera-woman and Amanda begins to explain exactly how she conducts her unusual job. Dressed in shiny black PVC, brandishing a dragon cane Paul is intrigued and forgets to take notes! Miss Akroyd can sense he is taking liberties and decides he would get a far better idea of her job if he were to participate! She starts his education by asking him to remove his trousers and bend over her knee for a spanking. This progresses into a slippering! She shows him various implements and how she uses them on her clients. Then starts to thwack him on his bare bottom with the plimsoll. The camera woman tells Amanda Paul is a chauvinist in the office and asks Amanda to get him back for this behaviour. Amanda is only too happy to oblige. He pulls down his trousers as instructed. Amanda takes the wooden handled leather strap and gives him a thorough strapping. She whacks his bare, red bottom harder than before and Paul is finally quiet with fear. Lastly comes the cane. The camera woman wants to hear him squeal and Amanda doesn’t need much egging on!
24:16 minutes
Mr. Wakefield has summoned Miss D’arcy to his office because of a number of complaints from her teachers. He gets straight to the point and gives her the option of being caned or being expelled. Imogen squeals as the Head pulls her over his knee and commences his no nonsense, hard hand spanking whilst he reels off her bad behaviours. He bends Imogen over his desk and canes her a few times and she gasps in shock. He then pulls out a big leather reinforced crop and works her bottom with it in a way she will never forget. Making her remove her skirt, he takes her to the main classroom where he reads her misdemeanors from the blackboard. He bends her over the desk and thrashes her hard with his stripy crop. To drive the message home he canes her. Lord only knows how she is able to withstand these strokes as she winces each time it lands on her bare bottom. She is embarrassed, humiliated, in pain and ever so slightly still defiant. The Head orders her to follow him and they return carrying the vaulting horse. He sets about marking her bottom with his leather crop and shows her no mercy. Down come her knickers! The crop lands on her bottom again and again...
22:59 minutes
Amanda is booked for a modelling shoot with a photographer she hasn’t worked with before. It’s a fun fetish shoot wearing a vest with the slogan: P.M.S = Punish Men Severely. She is having a great time posing with a few spanking implements but gets a strange instinctive feeling. She asks if she can look at the viewfinder to see what they have created so far. The Photographer clearly doesn’t want to show her and it soon becomes evident why... there is no film in the camera! Amanda isn’t the naïve airhead the Photographer assumed she was. With everything she needs already to hand to punish him severely she pulls up a stool and begins with a plimsoll. Amanda is excited about working through the implements the phoney Photographer has brought and has a knack for punishment! Amanda next paddles his bottom over and over. The Photographer knows he is in serious trouble here. He complies with her questioning and accepts his punishment. Amanda enjoys tormenting him, strutting around in her little hotpants, swinging the tawse around before landing it on his bare bottom. She threatens him by saying she may take a few photographs of her own. I don’t think this guy will try this stunt with any other girls in a hurry!
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